This Vivala Scam post is informative and valuable. It also shares detailed information about Vivala’s legitimacy. Please take the time to read.

Do you love pop art styles? Are you looking to purchase t-shirts featuring pop art? Look no further than the Viva La shop. Worldwide is becoming increasingly popular. It is being sought by many buyers who might be interested in the pop art style. Is Vivala a Scam Without verifying its authenticity, we cannot evaluate this website. We recommend that you look for details that will clear up your doubts. This will clarify your doubts. Please proceed.

Is this a scam website?

This section will provide details about whether or not the website is legitimate. This section will only provide information on the legitimacy of the website. It will then show you if it is safe. Let’s clarify the legitimacy details. These are the parameters or factors that will help you determine the website’s reliability. Vivala Review, enrolment dates, trust factor, and others are just a few of the legitimacy details.

  • Enrollment Day: June 25, 2018, was the date of registration for Vivala’s shop. This indicates that the website was registered 4 years ago. It has had a long and happy life.
  • Registrar Vivala was registered through Google LLC
  • Trust Rating: Vivala’s shop received only 33% trust factor. This website is not trustworthy.
  • Shopper’s Views: We can conclude that this is a scam shop since we haven’t found any reviews on the official website. We also checked other online stores, but none of them shared any reviews.
  • Social Media Vivala Scam We found one Instagram page that looks suspiciously like a scam. It isn’t helpful, however, as we didn’t extract any detail from these sources.
  • Data Security The portal appears to be secured using the HTTPS protocol. This ensures that data can be safely transferred.
  • Missing Data Vivala only provided details about Vivala’s email address and their location. The owner’s name and phone number are not visible.
  • Policies We haven’t seen any policies in their layout. It does not include information about shipping, return, and refund policies.
  • Expiry Date: June 25, 20,23 is the website’s expiry day.

Overview Vivala Scam

Vivala Shop, an online shop inspired by pop art, is available. This website features a great selection of tees and accessories as well as videos from pop art exhibitions. This website is a great place to find pop art style fashion. Want to learn more about their collection? Check out the following list if you are interested.

  • La Art Shop
  • Videos from Pop Show
  • Sweats
  • Gift cards
  • Tees
  • Accessory
  • Athletics
  • Flags

Vivala Shop

  • Purchase tees from
  • Email address:
  • 10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, # 1101, 90024, CA
  • Telephone number: We are unable to provide the details.
  • Is Vivala a Scam There are no reviews on the products, so it looks like a scam. There are also no reviews on their products from online sites.
  • Shopify powers this site
  • Shipping Policy: We are unable to find any information regarding shipping policy.
  • Return Policy: This policy is also missing.
  • Payment modes: Amex, PayPal, Gpay, Meta, Discover, Apple Pay, etc

Positive Points

  • You can also provide your email address and exact location.
  • The clothes are described in a proper manner.

Negative points

  • They have no opinion on their collections.
  • Instagram only allows one page with no reviews
  • The website does not have all policies such as return or refund.

Vivala Reviews

Our team is suspicious of the authenticity this website. This domain does not have any policies. We searched for reviews but could not find any. A few online review sites do not allow you to share ratings. Only one Instagram page was found. This page doesn’t highlight any relevant information and users are not able to comment on their posts. Scammers can use your bank accounts and scams you through credit cards.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our Is Vivala a Scam article. We have discovered that the website is not a trustworthy and legitimate store. It has a trust score of 33%, which is lower than expected. However, its life expectancy is only four years.