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Did you hear about Zellers? The news of Zellers’ return has excited people from Canada. For Canadians who grew-up in the 2000s, this is a moment of nostalgia. We have the answer for you if you don’t know what Zellers is. This article will discuss Zellers, and tell our readers about When did Zellers close.

When will Zellers be back?

Many people have heard about Zellers’ reopening, but they are still curious when Zellers will return to Canada. We want to inform you first that Hudson’s Bay has announced that Zellers will be returning to Canada in early 2023. The Bay has not yet confirmed the exact locations Zellers will open, and they haven’t disclosed the storage space or the brands they’ll be selling. It’s still a mystery and the information is hazy, but HBC informed us that sellers will be present in Canada’s major cities.

When Did Zellers Close?

Zellers is so happy to be back in Canada, then why did he leave Canada? Zellers reached its highest point in 1990 with acquisitions and expenses. Inability to adapt to changing retailing markets and the loss of ground to Walmart in competition led to Zellers losing ground in 2000. The new Hudson’s Bay Company owner remained focused on Zellers’ sister chain, The bay. HBC finally sold 220 Zellers stores in the US to Target for $1.825billion.

What’s Zellers?

The internet has been abuzz with the news that Zellers are coming back to Canada. Canadians are eager to have them back. People who don’t know about Zellers should read our article to learn more. Zellers is a Canadian discount department store chain that is owned by HBC [Hudson’s Bay Company]. Walter P. Zeller founded Sellers in London, Ontario in 1931. It moved from London to Brampton after a few decades. It used to sell everything from clothes and groceries to householdwares. Zellers closed the majority of the stores in 2013 and Target Canada, Walmart and other companies acquired the leases.

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According to the Globe, Hudson’s Bay Company will also open an internet store. This would mark Zellers’s debut on an online platform. They will be selling furniture, homewares, clothes, toys, and groceries through their online store.


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