Keys to eliminate uric acid from the body

The uric acid is a substance that is generated in the own organism by the purine breakdown process. However, the consumption of foods and drinks rich in purines can also cause an increase in the levels of this acid.

Thus, some people have a greater tendency to a rapid increase in the levels of uric acid and to the development of a disease known as gout. In this case, it becomes even more necessary to establish a control over the feeding.

The main consequence of high uric acid (hyperuricemia) is the development of gout, a pathology that arises from the accumulation of purine crystals in the joints and the big toe of the foot. It is characterized by generating symptoms of inflammation and intense pain.

In addition, according to different experts, high uric acid is a cardiovascular risk factor in itself. In addition, gout also increases the risk of diabetes and stroke.

This health risk is due to multiple factors linked to the direct effect of high levels of uric acid, the inflammation generated by the crystals formed in the joints or the intake frequent anti-inflammatory for attacks.

How to reduce uric acid

The only way to safely detect hyperuricemia is through a blood test. Thus, if said analysis shows high levels of uric acid, it is necessary to establish a treatment as soon as possible that allows the values ​​to be restored to a normal range.

ácido úrico gotaGout

Firstly, the treatment will consist of following a certain diet, where there is no or hardly any food rich in purines. In this sense, it is appropriate to opt for a healthy diet, which your doctor will presumably prescribe.

Thus, it is important to eliminate shellfish, alcoholic beverages, pork, bouillon cubes, sardines, organ meats, cauliflower or asparagus from the diet; since all these foods cause a rise in uric acid in the blood.

It must be taken into account that alcohol increases lactate in the bloodstream, which results in inhibiting the elimination of uric acid. Numerous experts point to beer as an alcoholic beverage not recommended in case of hyperuricemia. It is also advisable to avoid drinks with higher alcohol content.

Healthy habits

Regarding the healthy habits to follow to reduce the levels of uric acid in case of hyperuricemia and/or gout, it is advisable to drink a lot of water; at least 2 liters a day. Drinking water in large quantities will allow you to eliminate excess uric acid through urine more quickly.

It is also appropriate to perform physical exercise of moderate intensity. This physical activity must be adjusted to the condition of each patient, without forcing the body in situations of pain. If you are overweight, losing weight progressively is beneficial for reducing uric acid.

Going back to food, it is important that the nutritional structure in case of hyperuricemia is based on a healthy diet; with the presence of fruits and vegetables, legumes, eggs and dairy products.

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