This article discusses the Kpop Concert Accident. It also discusses the aftermath of this accident.

Are you aware of the tragic accident that occurred at a Kpop concert? It happened on Thursday, 28 July 2022. One of their team-mates was crushed by a monitor. The famous band Mirror stopped the concert at the middle.

Many fans of the United States have been checking out all the latest news regarding the accident. We must also discuss the Kpop Concert Accident.

What was the Incident?

Mirror, a well-known band, performed the concert in Hong Kong. It took place on the 28th of July. A giant video monitor fell onto the stage during the middle of the concert. The band stopped performing in the middle of the concert after this incident.

Five people were injured in the incident. The rescue team quickly rushed to the scene and helped the injured from the accident site. Three people were later transferred to the nearest hospital. According to the report of the medical team, they are no longer in danger but remain under observation.

How to Get to a Kpop Concert

Many Philippines fans are curious about this question. We are providing some tips on how to get there.

a) The concert tickets must be known by the audience. According to a recent report, the price per ticket will be approximately 34 USD. Experts also suggested that the ticket price could be cut up to 27 dollars for this accident. Many fans are looking for a low price.

b) Audiences must also verify other matters than the ticket price. They should also be aware of the locations and franchises for the program.

Kpop Concert Accident– Recent Update

Social media platforms made the video viral. The video has been viewed by millions of people. Ahfa Wong, the manager of the band, appeared on the stage immediately and cancelled the concert. Wong later apologised to the crowd for cancelling the concert.

Millions of people are still shocked by the incident. Fans have already signed a petition calling for better infrastructure to support the concert. The fact that the band was also involved in an accident earlier this season is not surprising.

The Kpop Concert Accident is the new edition. Many demanded an investigation into the incident. Fans took to social media platforms to criticize the organizer and demand safer performers.

Why does the news circulate?

Social media went viral after the video was posted. Fans also protested against the organizer of the ill safety measure after the concert was cancelled. The organizer was subsequently seized by angry fans. Police intervened and set up a fence to stop the fans.


After the Kpop Concert Accident, a singer posted an image. This image is also going viral. Many people continue to criticize the organizer for not conducting proper investigations. All reports were compiled from the most reliable internet sources.

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