Currently, with the appearance of a series of large and small bookmakers spreading on the market, how to retain players is always a matter of concern for bookmakers. And one of the effective ways to increase excitement and “hold” players is through attractive promotions and incentives. really did a good job of this. Join us to find out about promotions and countless “terrible” promotions only available at

What is promotion?

In order to attract more players to participate as well as to thank the members who have always trusted and supported them, the house Kubet has launched a series of super promotions. Through these special promotion campaigns, members of will have more opportunities to accumulate more bets and win attractive rewards.

Special promotions at Kubet are bonus programs implemented exclusively for members of the house. Even if you are a new player or have been with Kubet for a long time, you will also enjoy these policies. Each different time frame will have different events to stir up the vibrant atmosphere here.

Summary of “terrible” promotions at

Give away 50,000 for the hottest games

If you join Kubet for the first time, as soon as you successfully register an account, you will receive 50,000 VND into your account. In order not to miss this great opportunity, you must make sure to do the following:

The first thing, set up yourself a betting account at the house Kubet. Then, follow the instructions to complete the information and press “finish”.

At that time, the house will recognize you as an official member of Kubet and immediately give you a welcome gift with a cash value of up to 50,000 VND.

Newbie welcome promotion

Not only receiving a direct bonus of 50,000 VND when registering an account, newbies of also have the opportunity to receive many other attractive promotions. Kubet always pays special attention to new players with impressive launch gifts. The value of these gifts can reach millions of dong.

In fact, a bettor once shared that, right from the first registration at Kubet, this player received a prize with a total cash value of up to 10 million VND. This is something that not every bookmaker can do.

Gift codes are constantly being released

When participating in the house Kubet, players not only experience attractive games but also receive a lot of hot deals. These offers are also known as the Giftcodes of slot games and online casinos.

You want to download Kubet here: Tải app kubet

Bonus Refund

  • Kubet promotions are a good opportunity for those who are looking to get back their previously lost money. This is also the motivation to encourage players to win more in the next betting game.
  • In fact, most bookies use this form of promotion. However, if other playgrounds only keep player turnover below 1%, Kubet offers a cashback level of up to 1.2%.
  • Casino Promotion
  • Casinos known as “cosmic black holes” attract a large number of bettors to participate. Therefore, besides investing in quality to thrive in this field, also constantly offers super attractive promotions. As follows:
  • VIP members: Get a chance to get 1.2% cashback of the total bet at the casino.
  • Diamond Membership: Get a discount of up to 1.05% on the total bet turnover at the casino.
  • Platinum members: There is a discount of 1% of the total bet at the casino.
  • Gold Member: Get a huge discount right away with a discount of 0.85% of the total bet at the casino.
  • Casino members: Receive a discount of 0.9% of total casino earnings.
  • Regular members: Enjoy 0.8% discount from the casino’s total earnings.

Above is the information about the bookie and its super promotions. What are you waiting for, do not join now to receive huge rewards with Kubet!