We have included all the important information in our study on Kufrog. Kufrog legit or a fraud. Therefore, consumers should think about the site before buying to protect themselves from scams.

Are you eager to get tv stands, beds or a vanity table.? Do you wish to have all these items at an affordable price? If yes, then we provide a website details that covers every item listed above.

The site has recently been launched on a shopping site within the United States, and it is a hit with shoppers. Customers are interested to find out whether Kufrog Legit and if it’s is it a scam. Through the information we will look at every single requirement.

Does Kufrog Legit is an unfailing online shopping domain

Buyers must consider the following factors prior to shopping. Let’s see-

  • Domain AgeThe Web domain is been approved on 02/10/2021. It is four months and nine days old.
  • trust score:It’s terrible; 22% of the data is what explains the incorrect trust index.
  • Correct Contact NumberOn it’s contact details we located the number for communication for customer service.
  • A valid official email addressThe creator mentioned a official address that is valid in its contact details.
  • The Social Media PrevalenceTo examine Kufrog reviews There are no logos for social media sites are displayed on the homepage.
  • Website The Owner’s NameThe names of their owners are not disclosed by the web developer.
  • Percentage of Content that is Pirated:The website appears 83 percent copied content.
  • Alexa Position:The website does not achieve any ranking on the site that ranks, Alexa.
  • Unrealistic Discount It does not provide these kinds of lucrative deals.
  • Policies Policies The site has distinct pages for each policy.

An introduction to Kufrog.com”

It is an online site that sells an extensive range of items. It sells, for instance, TV tables, beds as well as tabletops, vanity tables and more. However, buyers are still looking for answers to the question Are Kufrog legitimate or fraud.

To adhere to the requirements from Kufrog.comto

  • Website URL– https://www.kufrog.com/
  • The domain name was approved on02/10/2021.
  • The expiration date of the domain is02/10/2022.
  • The domain was updated on-24/01/2022
  • Address for emailemail address support@kufrog.com
  • Officially verified address-819 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
  • NumberBuyers can call via this number: +1 0666 2431
  • Shipping policy –It will ship your order within 5-8 working days.
  • Shipping Cost Shipping Cost It provides FREE shipping for all purchases.
  • The presence on social media-The website does not have commercial pages on any of the social media’s top sites. The website is causing doubt whether Kufrog Legita scam.
  • An incorrect address:If buyers give the incorrect address, they have to take responsibility for the error; any money is lost.
  • Return policyIt has the option of a 30-day return policy.
  • Charges for RestockingBuyers aren’t held accountable for it.
  • Policy on refunds-After approval, it will take 3 or 5 days during the process.
  • Non-refundable items The list of goods that are not refundable is not on the official website.
  • cancellation policyThe policy is offered under specific conditions. It does however guarantee that when you receive your purchase, you are able to return it.
  • Payment modes– PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Apple Pay, Master Card etc.

It is important to research its benefits for confirmingthat it is legitimate. Are you a victim of Kufrog legitimateor scam?

  • It has an authentic SSL certificate.
  • It provides a variety of simple and well-known methods of payment with the guarantee of a money-back.
  • The website offers simple, guidelines to its users without delay.
  • The website is equipped with a legitimate contact number and an official description on its homepage.

The shortcomings in Kufrog.comThe web’s Shortcomings of Kufrog.com

  • On the site, its owner’s contact information is missing this is a requirement for any online store.
  • It’s not guaranteed a position on the world’s most prestigious marketplace, Alexa.
  • Trust score lower.
  • It’s domain that has been in use for less than 6 months.
  • It’s a mediocre website that has been reviewed.

What does it mean? Kufrog Review?

The domain was recently added to an online shopping site and the number of customers does not match. Furthermore, it does not have a social media page for promotion and therefore, buyers didn’t have any product reviews. Additionally its trust rating is such a low that it suggests it is not popular among buyers.

Our analysis revealed that it does not have a ranking on the site for ranking, Alexa, which means it’s not generating more traffic. In addition, the owners’ information is not available. Because of this we recommend that buyers take note of this: Get Your Money Returned against Scammers to protect their financial losses before they commit to the deal.


We’ve provided every detail about Kufrog. Kufrog Genuine or Scam?, and you should think about it. Find out all details about Wingback Upholstered Platform Bed Frame with a Square Stitched Headboard, Mattress Foundation and be aware if Scammed Online, Take Action and protect their transactions.

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