This guide provides details about a new geo-based game that will help to clarify the Mauritania Wordle confusion.

Do You enjoy the popular Wordle puzzle game? A geography-based puzzle game is inspired by Wordle’s daily riddle.

The default game mechanic is to have players guess the country’s name within six attempts.

The puzzle game released a riddle on 15 April with the answer Mauritania. However, people were still confused and searched for Mauritania.

What was all the Riddle About?

Worldle recently published a riddle. It was the 84th daily puzzle. Please don’t mix it up with other games. Here are the clues:

  • It’s an African country
  • Ten letter country’s name
  • Rich in mineral resources
  • Begin with the letter “M.”

Players guessed correct answer based upon the clues i.e. Mauritania.


Worldle, a daily riddle game, is inspired by Wordle. Players must guess the country name, rather than a word, as this is a geography-based puzzle.

Players have six chances to correctly guess the country name. Hints are also given because the tiles’ color changes to show how accurate their answers.

The solution to the riddle lies in Mauritania. People are still confused by the Wordle game.

Are There Mauritania Game ??

No such game exists in the name Mauritania. Mauritania was the answer to a daily puzzle on Worldle. Players must guess the correct country name.

The game has had a lot of success. People are now searching for the game by using the term Mauritania.

However, it is not a game, or a spin-off from the Wordle game. You should not confuse the answer to the riddle and any other game.


Worldle is a daily riddle game that is making news worldwide.

This riddle was solved by Mauritania. Some people believed it was a Mauritania game.