One of the most trusted eyelash extension brands – LLBA Professional, is always your first choice if you want to buy products related to eyelash extensions. Check it out right now! Here are 3 typical products you should refer to for your lash business.

1. LLBA Professional Easy Fan Volume Lashes

It can be said that this is one of the best-selling product lines of the LLBA Professional brand. LLBA Easy Fan Volume lashes are products made from high-quality silk materials. There are 3 colour options that you can consider for your clients: True Dark, Electric blue, and Lavender Purple. Instead of having to create fan volumes yourself, which is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience, you can completely use this product line of LLBA Professional.

In addition to the guarantee of high-quality materials, LLBA Professional provides you with a wide choice of eyelash curlers and extension lengths when buying this product. Specifically, there are 3 common choices of curvature for you: C curl, CC curl and D curl – that you can advise any of your clients. Besides, they have a length range from 9mm to 16mm. This helps you get more choices to beautify many different types of your clients.

With high-quality silk material, your clients will have the opportunity to own a glossy, thick and smooth look for their lash extensions. This product is also designed with glue on the bottom of the fan, making it easier for you in the eyelash extension application process. For the same reason, you won’t put too much pressure on each of your client’s natural lashes while still ensuring their extensions are securely attached to their natural lashes.

2. LLBA Professional Fanning Silicon Dot

If you are having trouble fanning your lashes since you are new to volume lashing, you’re the target market for this fanning silicon dot product from LLBA Professional. You may make 3D+ fans with the aid of this product without any prior experience. Both sides of the fanning dot are adhesive, so you should take it off before using it and conserve the two clear films. As many lashes as you want, you can apply their base onto the dot with a little pressure, ensuring that the lashes are released with a bounce. 

By using this product, your fan lashes ought to spread naturally. You need to use the tweezers’ tip to adjust the fan. You will become an expert at fanning lashes with a little practice. Before doing the lash treatment, you can use this dot to arrange your pre-fanned lashes. The Fanning Dot is composed of robust, high-quality thick silicone that can bear repeated pressure from tweezers without puncturing or being damaged. When not using it, you should put the clear film back after cleaning the dot with mild soap and water.

In addition, LLBA always offers you the product at a highly affordable price compared to the excellent quality you will get when using the product. With only 7 dollars for a product, this is worth investing as a tool to support your eyelash extension skills.

3. LLBA Training Kits

You can choose from various results when you search for “kit” on the LLBA website, including LLBA Volume Training Kit, LLBA Classic Starter Training Kit, etc. As a result, you can find a product line that best meets your requirements. LLBA’s lash training kits often contain all the tools you require for your job, such as tweezers, pads, lash adhesive, remover, and extensions. These kits are offered at incredibly low prices, but if you frequently follow this brand, you may always get even better discounts.

LLBA Professional is one of the most reputable brands specialising in providing products related to lash extensions. Not only the above 3 products, LLBA is also favoured by the quality of all the products offered by this brand. In addition to the assurance of quality, when you become an LLBA customer, you will find professional customer service, prompt delivery service, and a reasonable return policy. In addition, another factor that makes LLBA the choice of countless lash artists and salons worldwide is the very affordable price of its products. Compared to the product quality as well as the average price of products on the market, you will certainly not be disadvantaged if using LLBA products. All of these factors are important to a lash artist like you, which is why LLBA Professional is a brand worth considering for you.

If you want to give your clients the best eyelash extensions service, don’t miss the high-quality products of LLBA Professional.