In Leftovers , each choice the player makes will lead to a different outcome, so how do you avoid going through all the plots in the game and not trigger the game over sooner? The following editor will introduce all the endings of the leftovers game to you. I hope it can help you go further in the game. If you want to know more about the leftovers game related articles or want to experience the bad ben game immediately, please visit

The first ending:

At the woman with glasses on the 8th floor, when she asks you if you want to pay for this meal, if you nod, the woman will throw a cockroach at you, and then it will trigger the first homecoming.

When delivering meals to the fierce-looking uncle on the 7th floor, he will open the door and ask you to put the lunch box at the door, then walk away. When you put the lunch box, you will find that his door is not closed tightly. If you are curious Glancing at the room secretly, the uncle will slam the door fiercely, and here will trigger the second homecoming plot because you are afraid.

When delivering meals to the eldest sister whose hair covers one eye on the 6th floor, she invites you to rest at her house. If you nod your head, you will encounter horrible things after entering the room, then you will be frightened and triggered a third time. Homecoming drama.

When delivering meals to a man with a bandage on his head on the 4th floor, if you see this legless man crawling over to take the lunch box, then you will come home for the fourth time because of fear, and your mother will go crazy. Disappoints you and sends you back to the room, at which point the first ending of the game is over.

In the Leftovers game, as long as you trigger the story of going home 4 times, the game will end, and at the same time, the mother will go mad from the state of blood and tears, and turn into a fierce and terrifying appearance, because you failed to complete the task of delivering meals.

Second ending:

The one-armed old man in bandages on the second floor also triggers a different ending, if you answer in a bad direction when he asks you a question, such as when he asks you: “Do you think innocent people should not be killed? ?”, if you shake your head, then he will say you are the devil’s child, kill you directly, and the game is over.

If you are in the last question: “If your mother is a murderer, should she be punished?”, if you choose yes, then he will invite you into the room to rest and tell you not to worry about your mother, he Will get her, will mom be a murderer? The game is over here too.

So here to advance the plot, in the last question, you should choose not to punish your mom.

Third ending:

In the end, after returning to the 7th floor and giving the meal to the beautiful woman, because the woman on the 7th floor knew that the little boy’s father was dead and was made into a meal, the cheating object went mad and screamed at him with a kitchen knife. You rush over and want to kill you. If you are caught by her at this time, then you will die, game introduction, so you have to run to the 8th floor with all your strength, and when you get home, you can finish all the game plots.

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