This article regarding The Magic Roster Wordle will help you clear up your doubts regarding the connection with the game of words and NBA game.

Are you also a fan of Wordle games? Recently, a roaster Cunningham from the NBA ( the national basketball association) posted the results of his Wordle scores on Twitter. We know that Wordle is a very well-known sport in Canada,the United States,and Australia.

This article will inform you what you need to know about the Magic Roster Wordle. The wordle has become a common addiction. Read the article to get rid of your doubts and find out the most up-to-date information on the game. Let’s get started.

The reason why people are connecting wordle games to NBA players

NBA player Cunningham was the player who posted his wordle scores on Twitter. Cunningham is a member of the NBA. NBA has a huge following, and any event happening to the team has people discussing it and making assumptions about. Wordle is a wildly popular game, and it is no doubt that our most beloved player is also fond of it. But this isn’t the entire information about Magic Roster Game.

It is further explained. POELTL is a brand-new game which is identical to Wordle. It’s a major upgrade for NBA players that this game called POELTL is linked to it. And if you’re a huge player of NBA this game will be easy to complete the game’s puzzle. There will be clues exactly like the wordle game and you’ll have to make eight guesses to figure out the right answer.

Just like Wordle and Wordle, it will change color as you be able to guess the right and wrong answer, and also how close you are closer to the answer.

Magic Roster Wordle

There is confusion among players because the game is very similar to the game that is wildly popular worldwide Wordle. Because it’s a new feature that was introduced by the NBA Many people believe there is a connection to Wordle with the NBA.

How do you play Poeltl

  • You have eight chances to figure out the correct answer.
  • The clues will be revealed following each guess.
  • If the colour changes and you’ll be able to tell if you’re playing the right way.
  • Grey, green and yellow are the colors that will help you determine the distance you’re getting to get the right answer.

Doesn’t it resemble Wordle? Yes, definitely. This game is referred to as the Magic Roster Wordle and is connected to Orlando Magic’s team Roster that is well-known and has an impressive fan base. The roster is comprised of 15 players. The roster is updated following each change. In in the winter months, the amount of players may rise to 20.


To summarize this post We have discussed the growing confusion surrounding the Wordle game as well as the New NBA game that’s very like the Wordle. If you’d like to learn more details regarding NBA Games you can click here for the URL.

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