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Madeline Crawford have been loving Jeremy Whiteman for 12 years. However, it was Jeremy Whiteman who had taken her to prison. In the time she was in pain and was in discomfort, she saw her lover wooing another woman.

After five years of being was able to return with her new power She isn’t the same as she was a few many years ago. Because of her new power, she can break up those who strive to become pure.

Therefore, she returned to seek revenge on the person who had betrayed her in a sudden manner. He transforms immediately from the psychopath, coldhearted man to a compassionate and loving human being.

In fact, he kissed the girl’s feet, despite his presence among the people. He would promise that he would never be not right to be in love with another person. He even said his life would be spent with her for the all in his lifetime with her. However, at the time Madeline said that she was a pain-free person and that she would be able to forgive him only in the event that the time comes for his death.

This Nobel is an example of a face-moving Nobel that combines suspense and love. With suspense, romance, and romance between the characters, it allows for an engaging and thrilling story.