A new study has shown that there is a lower risk of breast cancer with greater exposure to the sun. That is, the star of which gives light to the earth , rich in vitamin D , makes the body less likely to get breast cancer.

This is reflected in the research carried out by scientists from the University of Buffalo (United States) and the University of Puerto Rico .

The article has been published in the journal ‘Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention’. During the research, a stopwatch was used for its development to compare skin pigmentation in women exposed to the sun and in those who were not exposed to the sun. Performing a total of 307 cases and 328 controls.

«This study has been unique because it was of Puerto Rican women. This allowed us to see this association in a population with a wide range of skin colors and with high exposure to the sun throughout the year ”.

This has been commented by the main author of the study, Jo Freudenheim. She is a professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Buffalo.

Sun exposure has effects on inflammation, obesity and circadian rhythms

The evidences exist, although the author acknowledges, that they are inconsistent. However, he has explained that exposure to the sun has effects on inflammation, obesity and circadian rhythms.

Previous studies on this issue have been carried out in places that experience seasonal variations in ultraviolet radiation, including periods of low or no exposure. In the case of Puerto Rico, there is no significant seasonal fluctuation.

«The risk of breast cancer was lower for women with higher accumulated sun exposure. Similarly, the risk was lower regardless of estrogen receptor status. It was even lower among the participants with a darker skin color, “said the researcher, Cruz Nazario.