December is the most joyful month of the year. The month is filled with many celebrations and events that can be cultural, religious, or corporate. While most people associate December with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there are many other global holidays that occur in December.

December has the most holidays on the calendar. These are some of the most popular December international holidays that are observed each year.


This religious holiday is observed from the 28th November through the 6th December. This holiday is to commemorate the rededication the Jerusalem’s second temple. It is celebrated worldwide by the Jewish community, particularly in Israel. It is also known as Chanukah, and it is an eight-day celebration in which candles are lit throughout the night for eight consecutive days.

Chanukah includes singing special hymns such as Ma’oz Tzur and praying the Hallel prayer. Hanukah festivities also include the eating of dry food such as pancakes, and donuts with jam. This Jewish holiday also allows for gift exchanges.

World AIDS Day

This holiday is a worldwide health holiday and is observed on the first of December. It is usually held to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. James Bunn, Thomas Netter and others from the World Health Organization’s AIDS department in August 1987 came up with the holiday.

The December holiday is celebrated to raise awareness about the spread of the disease. This holiday brings together all those affected and infected to meet children orphaned by the disease, conduct safe sex campaigns, and check on the government’s efforts to curb the spread of the disease.

Santa Lucia

This religious holiday is celebrated on the 13th December in honor of Lucia Syracuse, an Italian saint who died as martyr. It is celebrated in Scandinavia, Italy, and it is a way to remember Lucia Syracuse, an Italian saint who died as a martyr.

The saint is often a symbol of hope and light to them. There are many customs that take place on this day, including concerts, processions, and white dress code.


Christmas is one of the most popular global holidays celebrated on December 25th. Christians gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This holiday is the most celebrated in December. It is the day Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated December holidays worldwide and is also celebrated by non-Christians. This holiday was chosen by Christians to remind people that Jesus Christ wasn’t born on this date. Christmas Day is a day when many customs are observed, such as giving gifts to Santa Claus or Father Christmas, and going to church for vacations as well.

Boxing day

This holiday is celebrated worldwide on the 26th December. However, there are many opinions about how this holiday came into being. Some believe this day was when churches gave alms boxes to the poor of the community. Others see it as a day to thank postmen and errand boy for their service. Many countries around the globe have declared this day a public holiday and organize sports activities.

New Year’s Eve

This holiday is just before the year ends. It is celebrated worldwide on 31 December to mark the end of the year. People gather to celebrate the year’s end and welcome the new year. This holiday can be celebrated in many ways. Religious people go to their places of worship while others go to pubs or social gatherings.