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We are here to talk about the Roblox Project Slayers Fighting Game. Dear readers, Have you ever heard of Muzan in RPG Games? This is an important character in Roblox’s anime-themed game.

After you reach level 15, you can become a demon. Because he’s available at random times during the night, it can be difficult to locate the Muzan in this game.

Muzan & Project Slayers –

Project Slayers is a new game. There are many levels to it, but the real quest begins after level 15. Players can transform themselves into demons by passing 15 levels. However, they must find Muzan’s blood and take his blood. Muzan is a random character that appears at night in the game. You don’t have to kill Muzan in order to do this.

Where can I find Muzan Spawns Project slayers?

Players who have the Muzan Spawn Pass can easily find him by using the Pass’s hint system. The Pass clearly indicates the locations where Muzan Spawns at Night. Do not try to kill, run, or chase the Muzan. Instead, simply walk close and have a conversation.

You will learn that Muzan requires you to perform two missions in order to obtain his blood. The first mission involves collecting five Blue Lily Spider flowers. The second mission involves capturing Dr. Higoshima.

The location of Blue Lily Spider Followers, Muzan Spawn locations is random. You don’t need to have a pass to find them, as their location is shown on a map at an unknown time. Keep checking the map and find Muzan’s flowers.

Dr. Higoshima resides in Kiribating. You can ride a horse to get to Kiribating. Once you reach there, you will find a small house on top of a mountain. You can enter the house by pressing H. Dr. Higoshima must be brought with you.

FAQs –

Q.1 What amount of blood does Muzan give the player?

A.1 He gives you a small amount of his blood.

Q.2 Does Muzan have to finish the mission?

A.2 It is.

Conclusion –

Project Slayers is a Hunting game. To become a demon, you must complete two missions. Click the link below to view additional information about this game.

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