Check out this article to learn the courage with which Nadege St Philippe fights cancer. Learn about the story that led to Nadege St Philippe Cancer in this article.

Nadege St. Philippe among the hosts of the television show at TVA. In the interview for La Semaine magazine, Nadege admitted her battle with stage 3 in colorectal cancer. Nadege was patient during the interview and the audience appreciated her honesty that was encouraging. The fans of her from Canada was eager to know more about her health and battle against cancer.

In this piece we will examine Nadege St Philippe Cancer experience and treatment which has become an inspiring tale for all.

Initial diagnoses

In the fall of 2011, Nadege had undergone a minor procedure to remove the polyp. At the time, her physician had discovered a regrown tissue that needed removal. The procedure took just one day and Nadege was able to return to work the next day. Nadege was ready for it due to her busy schedule, which gave her the chance to have an operation that was quick.

Nadege felt great after her operation, and she returned to work the next day. However doctors had one bit to tell her. Doctor had delivered the Nadege St Philippe Cancer polyp to undergo a an additional medical exam. All tests proved the cancerous nature of the tumor. In her subsequent visit with the doctor, the polyp was discovered to her.

Nadege Cancer Journey

Nadege was astonished since she’d been living with cancerous polyps for a considerable amount of time and had no idea that she’d be in this situation. Also, Nadege never expected that she would develop cancer.

Nadege was a fan of her job and felt pity for having to stop her job. She was gradually getting sick and was notified by TVA management. TVA management was informed. TVA management extended their assistance and reduced television schedules because of Nadege St Philippe cancer.

When Nadege had been diagnosed as having cancer, she was placed under the supervision of highly skilled oncologists. Additionally, Nadege received immense support from her husband, familymembers, and her friends.

On the 1st of December 2021 Nadege was forced to have off from her professional life. The 1st of January in 2022 was the day Nadege was treated for her first dose of chemotherapy. We all know that chemotherapy is a long-term process. Nadege started recovering slowly. Nadege hopes that, within six months after receiving the chemotherapy, she will be able to confirm if she has completely recovered (or) should cancer remain is present.

Recovery Status of Nadege St Philippe Cancer :

On February 18, Nadege returned to her work. Nadege felt inspired by people she met, who were patients of cancer who had won the fight against cancer. Nadege is determined to restore her fitness and health through physical activity.


Nadege during her chemotherapy, was suffering from a bad feeling because of discomfort. She called The Helpline of the Canadian Cancer Society which provided her with advice. Nadege received genuine encouragement and an offer of courage. This gave her the courage to go to chemotherapy. Her story has inspired those who are afflicted with cancer.

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