The article will provide the most recent information regarding what happened in the New Hyde Park Accident. It is possible to read the complete article to learn more details.

Did you know about the incident that occurred at New Hyde park? Do you know any injured? A fatal accident happened at New Hyde Park, New York, United States. Three women were declared dead at the scene while other individuals including the driver were injured. The injured victim was taken to the hospital. The driver was arrested on three charges. The news was reported by numerous sources on the internet.

Let’s discuss what happened in the New Hyde Park Accident.

What happened?

The crowd were leaving their daughter’s sweet 16 celebration in The Inn. They walked in the car, after about just five minutes the vehicle was destroyed. Its driver Mercedes-Benz was found to be drunk and smashed into the Lincoln Town Car. The Lincoln Town Car was occupied by five passengers. Three of them were killed. The crash occurred at 11:10 pm , on Jericho Turnpike near The Inn.

The driver aged 22 for the Mercedes-Benz, Dante Lennon of Freeport was charged and was arrested for assault in a vehicle as well as driving while intoxicated as well as vehicular murder. The driver was transported to the hospital to be treated for life-threatening injuries.

New Hyde Park Inn Accident

When the news became viral via social media and websites users across the globe looked for all the information about the victims and their drivers. The driver of the Lincoln Town Car and two other passengers were injured, and were treated by a hospital. They are now in a stable condition. The accident occurred at Jericho Turnpike near The Inn.

When the group had left the party of their granddaughter and drove off, they were involved in an accident that killed. The woman who was killed in the crash was sitting in the back of the car. There aren’t any details about the name of the deceased as of now. The driver was arrested for an Fatal Car Accident in New Hyde Park. The people who were injured are secure.

More details

In light of the tragic crash, officers have scheduled a meeting in the afternoon of Monday. The meeting is set to be a discussion of the crash and more details will be made public about this incident. At present, information is very limited. The reports come taken from sources online. The guard was present at the scene and gave news outlets the entire story.

The guard as well as other residents living in the area saw that there was a collision. Dante Lennon will not be at the scene for Sunday’s arrangements because he is in a hospital. The accident occurred on Saturday around 11:10 midnight. The car Accident New Hyde Parkleft the victims shocked because the vehicle had just left 10 minutes away from its destination.


The article will provide some details about the fatal crash close to The Inn at New Hyde Park. Three females have been declared to be dead at this time. The driver as well as other passengers were hurt. They’re being treated and in a stable state. The police arrested the driver responsible for hitting the vehicle of a passenger of five. To find out more information about the this incident,visit this link.

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