For gamblers who love online betting, new88 is among the most popular and of course, one of the leading bookmakers in Asia with a solid position after nearly a decade of operation.

Basic information about the new88 bookie

New88 is an online casino which is available on both mobile and computer platforms as long as player’s internet connection is stable. This online casino offers many different forms of betting from traditional to modern for all of you to enjoy.

After many years of operation, new88 has spread strongly in both Europe and Asia, especially in Vietnam. In here, the bookmaker has achieved a lot of outstanding achievements and a large number of loyal customers.

The Overview

Until now, new88 is a big hand in the Vietnamese online betting market and in Asian region in general. The reason for this is that the new88 casino has been operating for a long time with the fact that their game portal is always updated to the newest trends as well as new technology features are continuously added. Furthermore, the casino also has an application store with a full range of different game genres for bettors to enjoy right away.

The partners of new88

To be able to achieve the current achievements, it is obvious that the positive influence of new88’s major partners in many countries in Europe and Asia cannot be denied.

new88 has cooperated with so many big international corporations in developing diverse betting genres as well as innovating the game portal’s quality to gain the trust of domestic and international users.

Unique interface design

One of the most impressing features of new88 website is its luxurious and classy graphic design, which is considered to be completely different from most online bookies on the market.

First of all, traditional betting games such as crabs and discus are put on a totally new look with attractive colors and extremely subtle accents.

Along with that, the moving sound effects have evoked an indescribable feeling of authenticity that making a lively and joyful space for players.

Finally, the homepage is arranged in a harmonious but simple layout with fully updated information and supporting information. Besides, promotional events are also listed in prominent locations for players to observe immediately when accessing the new88 platform.

Abundant game store

To be able to maintain its high performance throughout many years, new88 always has to change and keep up with hot trends in the market to be able to attract and retain customers.

When entering the main lobby, you can see many different game genres from traditional card games, modern slot games and of course the sports betting, horse racing and other hot betting types that are available online.

With this extremely diverse game store, new players can still easily access and get acquainted with them in the shortest time because the new88 casino has provided full details about the game rules, betting odds as well as user guidelines on the homepage that the games are functing on.


There are so much more advantages about new88 such as high level of information security, top customer services, fast transactions and so on. If you are still wondering about this bookmaker, please experience yourself and give us your feedbacks. Register at: