This article contains all the latest news about the Nexea scam .

Are you receiving scam messages and calls on your mobile phone often? We have received queries about a site located in Malaysia. Under the name Nexea Angels, SDN BHD, unauthorized persons have been offering schemes and promoting them. They claim a high return with negligible risk factors.

This article contains all of the facts about Nexea scam and its investment details. Before you decide to invest on this site, read the entire article.

Information about Nexea Scams

Scammers use the logo and name of the company to present impressive investment plans that promise high returns. NEXEA is the company name used in this scam. WhatsApp is being used by the scammers to spread rumors and schemes.

All online platforms were alerted and asked to be aware about these fraudulent trading schemes. It was requested to protect your privacy and personal data in the common interest.

Nexea Scam Alert

Nexea claims they don’t offer precious metals, silver, gold or cryptocurrencies in their investment deals. They promote only investments in Startups.

Avoid falling for this trap and refrain from applying for unapproved investment schemes. The official portal of Nexea Company provides its services.

Protect yourself from being scammed

Any illegal activity will be reported to the company. They will not tolerate such illegal activities and will prosecute Nexea scam in accordance with the law enforcement agencies.

  • You should not pick up suspicious emails, texts, or phone calls claiming that the source is Nexea. Instead, look at the links or open attachments.
  • Verify that the calls and texts are legitimate by contacting the team at the email address and contact number provided on the official website.
  • The sender is asked to be reported to the team in order to take action against them
  • It is a good idea to verify the company before accepting any job or investment offer from Nexea scam.
  • Avoid messages and schemes that contain spelling mistakes or promise unrealistic returns on investments.

What is the Internet’s latest trend?

Authorities have discovered that Whatsapp is a popular platform for scammers to spread part-time jobs. To attract victims, they are using Nexea as a company name.

Reports were filed against the source that offered these schemes and jobs. Sources claim that scam investors ask for money and promise high returns.

Final Verdict

Online sources claim that many victims have reported the Nexea scam. Authorities have warned people about the Whatsapp messages and emails sent under the Nexea source name. They were asked to report the sources to Nexea.

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