This article contains all information about the most recent Mini Crossword puzzle and details on the puzzle’s clue Ninnies Wordle. Check back for more information about the latest news.

Are you looking for the Daily mini crossword solution? Are you having trouble solving the crossword puzzle? We are here to offer assistance. The game is now well-known all over the world. The interest in this game is increasing with each new day that passes by.

The game is an intriguing puzzle on the 16th of May. Today, in this post, we’ll find the solution to The May 16’s Mini Crossword Ninnies Wordle. Check out the blog below for more information.

The solution to the May 16’s mini crossword

As players struggled by the crossword clues we found a solution to one of the puzzles that featured Ninnies. The solution to that Ninnies miniature Crossword can be “TWIST.”

The popularity of the game continues to grow every day The mini Crossword brings another exciting challenge front of players. The clues were a bit difficult to work out, and a lot of people had difficulty solving the mini crossword, specifically the clue featuring Ninnies. We’ve provided some details on the clue define Ninnies.

Here Ninnies symbolizes a weak, poor, foolish or weak person.

Everything related to Mini Crossword:

This is one of the most popular and most recent crossWord puzzle created in the The New York Times. At present, thousands of people are gathered to test the brand-new word puzzle.

Mini Crossword is an online crossword puzzle game that’s become a hit thanks to its unique strategies for word-related challenges. It offers a variety of clues on which players must figure out the right answer. The game is open to all players for free.

It provides a variety of crosswords every day. Sometimes, it can be quite confusing, such for instance, on the 16th of May, clue Ninnies Wordle.

Clues to the Mini Crossword June 16

Each day the mini crossword game is a challenge for crossword puzzles. Write down the key words from the May 16 mini Crossword:


  • “Material detonation” is the first crossword word clue.
  • ” Its Noah, while placing Two with Ark” is the second crossword answer.
  • ” The leaking sound when the air comes out from a tire” is the third crossword word.
  • ” Tropical Cocktail Rum” is the fourth crossword puzzle.


  • ” Ninnies” is the fifth crossword word.
  • ” Lined paper logo in iPhone app” is the sixth crossword answer.
  • ” It’s a box of First Aid” is the seventh crossword word.
  • ” Hookup with Guitar” is the 8th crossword puzzle.

Did the Mini-Crossword Clue Ninenies Wordle difficult to comprehend?

On May 16, Mini Crossword clues were a bit complicated, particularly for those who were able to find the Ninnies clue very difficult to comprehend. If you’re unfamiliar with crossword puzzles, you must give this new Mini Crossword game a try.


The 16th of May Mini Crossword clues were quite difficult to understand, and this article gives all the details. To learn more on Mini Crossword on May 16 Click on this link.

The article above provides all the details regarding The 15th May Mini Crossword and further details on the solution to the word that is based on Ninnies Wordle This can help any Mini Crossword player to understand the puzzle.

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