For details on the court settlement for Noom Class Settlement, the Health service App and its advantages for customers, please read the the Noom Class Settlement below.

Are you a user from the Noom health app? Are you looking for information on the status of the settlement brought by customers who are not satisfied? This blog post could be helpful to you, as it includes all the important updates regarding the complaint that was filed and the final settlement that was reached between the plaintiff and Noom.

The case was brought by a disgruntled client of a weight-loss program application in the United States who was swindled by the company. Both parties have reached an agreement to settle the case as well as the firm is set to settle for $62m to the Noom Class Settlement.

Noom Health App Claim Settlement:

Health App Noom has made an agreement with the court to settle angry customers over its automatic renewal program. Certain customers who tried the plan were slighted because they weren’t prepared to purchase the paid subscription and were pushed to sign up.

The most important elements of the settlement are listed below.

  • Customers who have signed up through the company’s websiteor mobile application can only make payments.
  • The subscription plan must be purchased between the 12th May 2012 to 6th October 2020.
  • The total amount agreed in settlement amounts to $62million. $56 million of payouts as well as $6 million in credits to customers.

What is the amount every customer receive in the “Noom” class settlement?

It is important to note that those who purchased the plan from the website of the company as part of the plan for class members will be refunded in the settlement. The two subclasses in the plan’s class membership subclass A and subclass B.

  • Subclass A members will receive an amount of $167 will be paid.
  • Similar to members of subclass B the payment of $30 is paid.
  • The $6 million amount will be transferred out in the as credits to members.

The majority of customers did not receive refunds or chargebacks through the firm. Subscribers who purchased their subscriptions through the play store or iTunes aren’t class members and thus aren’t qualified for payments under the the class action settlement of Noom.

The reason for filing a complaint with Noom Health Application:

As per Noon Health services, it helps people lose weight with technology, coaching and effective direction. A majority of customers were on the trial plan , but were immediately upgraded to a the class membership.

  • Customers couldn’t change their subscription online but was upgraded with the Premium plan.
  • They believed that the terms or conditions that apply to the plan is not stated on the website.
  • The terms for auto-renewal weren’t clear to the majority people.

After being deceived and conned by the health app’s company one of the customers brought a case to court.

Noom Class Settlement Other benefits for customers:

  • Subclass B’s first 100,000 members who have submitted a claims will qualify to receive a the Health app free for a month.
  • When the subscription is redeemed for the subscription a month will be credit to the customer.
  • If a non-subscriber is not present on the date of renewal of credit, a promo voucher or code will be issued.

The final verdict

The majority of Members of the Class will get the settlement notification from the company via Facebook, Instagram, or mail services. For those who aren’t you can visit on the Noom web site or make an inquiry to the company at 1-844 999-246.

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