This article will cover O, and E5 Letter Words that would assist learners and players in their online word games.

Are you searching for 5-letter words that contain O and E? This page will help you find the best 5-letter words containing O and E. Words that have specific vowels or constants can help you find the right answers in word games such as Wordle online and Scrabble.

Scroll down to discover new words and add them into your dictionary. To provide you with cool word sets, we have covered O and HTML5 Letter Words. To learn more, read the whole article!

Five letter words that contain O and E

  • Abode-home or a home, a place to live
  • Adobe-Multinational computer software company
  • Solo, unaccompanied or without anyone
  • Awake – The act of waking from sleep or gaining consciousness.
  • Boned – To remove bones from meat before it is cooked, served, or sold.
  • Begot-to cause or bring forth. Reproduction is the process that brings a child to life.

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  • Below- in a lower layer, or underneath
  • Bogie- A carriage or trolley that looks like a truck on four wheels.
  • Bonne- A housemaid or nursemaid of French origin, usually named Bonne
  • Bottle- A container used to store liquids
  • Bow-playing a stringed instrument using a bow
  • Broke is the past tense for break. A person who is completely broke is someone who has run out of money.
  • To avoid someone or something, dodge- by making quick and sudden movements.

5 Letter Words that End with ER

  • Doper – A person who uses illegal drugs regularly or habitually.
  • Bower- A beautiful retreat or dwelling. It can also be described as a shelter made of vines from a single tree, twined together.
  • Chores are tasks that are routinely performed in the home, mainly for household chores. It is a tedious but necessary task.
  • Bored is the feeling of being bored. A person’s lack of interest is their activity.
  • Chemo- is a combination of drugs and powerful chemicals that kill rapidly growing cells.

O and HTML5 Letter Words

  • Choke-to-retch, gag for gag, or breathe with severe difficulty because of obstructed or constrictive throat or lack thereof.
  • Clone- refers to the creation of identical genetically engineered population cells or organisms that are asexually reproduced by one organism.
  • A group or collection of people who have similar interests or activities to coven


We’ve covered 45 words from 5 letters containing O, E, and some ending in ER. This article is detailed with examples so that readers can better understand the new words.

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