The Oakton Car Accident gives an extensive timeline and provides details about the investigation.

Are you aware of the county with the highest concentration of technology jobs? Are you able to identify the most desirable place to live?

Fairfax is the answer. Fairfax is found in Northern Virginia, the United States. We will discuss the Fairfax Oakton Car Accident.

What’s the deal?

Two teenage Oakton School girls were killed in a car accident on June 7, 2022. The accident occurred at 11.45 AM, near the intersection of Five Oaks Road & Blake Lane in Fairfax-county. According to police officials, the cars that were involved in the accident were a BMW SUV and a Toyota SUV.

The pedestrians who crossed the intersection were three teenagers. The BMW driver was driving very fast and lost his balance, which caused him to crash into Toyota. The collision created a tremendous force, and the BMW that crashed into it bounced back.

Oakton High School

Oakton School was a quarter mile away when the fatal accident occurred. The high school, which is part of Fairfax’s public schools, is one of Virginia’s top-rated public schools. They have produced many intellectually gifted students and athletes.

Three teenagers were on the sidewalk at the time of the car crash. The accident was caused by the BMW car’s bounce back. Oakton School confirmed the death of the student by sending the news to students and staff. Oakton School principal Jamie S. Lane extended his condolences for the family.

The fatal accident

Nearly six people sustained injuries in the Oakton Car Crash. The accident scene was quickly attended to by police officers who expedited the hospitalization process. Three people sustained serious injuries at the accident site, while three others suffered minor injuries. The two Oakton School teenage girls died in the hospital after a while. Another high school student is still at the hospital.

The injuries to the BMW driver and passenger were not life-threatening. The BMW’s teenage passengers fled the scene of the accident.

An accidental scene

The BMW car’s speed is the main cause of the Oakton Car Accident. Major Eli Cory, Fairfax County spokesperson, stated that the white BMW car was traveling at high speed on Blake Road, colliding with an SUV as it turned to its left. The BMW crashed into the mailbox, the side pole and three Oakton students.

For further evidence, police officers are currently investigating the crime scene. According to official news sources, police officers have also met with passengers who fled the accident site.


This is not the first accident in this area. The Oakton Car Accident article provided all the information. A car collided with pedestrians two weeks ago. An 83-year old woman was killed in the accident. The driver was arrested and charged with reckless driving.