The news report contains all the information provided by the reviewers in order to understand the specifics about the Onlinebookclub scamand make other people aware about it.

Have you been a victim of an alleged book club scam that’s being discussed all over the internet? If not, we’ll provide you with the specifics of the fraud. Onlinebookclub is a company which pays writers for reviewing books or reviewing their website. The website says that the initial review you submit is for free, and following that, you will be paid. The people from America United States are considered to be eager to complete reviews. However, before doing we can do that, it is necessary to look up the facts about the scam of Onlinebookclub.

What’s the scam?

Onlinebookclub makes promises to reviewers, however the payment is not great in exchange for the work that the website demands you to perform in regards to payment. The site requires reviewers to take note of any language that is profane employed by the authors and note down any errors. This site is regarded as fraudulent because it fails to pay the required amount until reviewers have completed their job. Reviews can be rejected, which can affect your score, and resulting in a low amount of payment.

The most important facts regarding the scam of Onlinebookclub

  • The book club allows reviewers to evaluate websites in accordance with the format provided by the site. If reviewers do not adhere to their format they don’t receive a payment.
  • Reviewers are required to write their reviews within 500 words in the adult category and 300 words for children’s book category.
  • The system of payment isn’t completely transparent. It only states that reviewers will receive between $5 and $60 for each review they receive.
  • Most of the time, reviewers don’t get payed sufficiently during their initial reviews. It increases only according to the reviewer’s score.

People’s view on the Onlinebookclub scam

A lot of people from America have been scammed. Many people in the United States got scammed and were paid much lower, even with an increase in score from the reviewers. There isn’t a format for the payment and a lot reviewers have complained that they’ve been on the site for two years, and wrote more than twenty reviews but no money has been received from them. The score of the reviewer was not above 35 ranks, which is the point at which reviewers are paid. One reviewer stated she was paid for her efforts. There is no transparency on the website, so it’s called an Onlinebookclub Scam.

The website has to be improved and maintained, as well as the payment options to earn people’s trust. Otherwise, the website will shut down as soon as it is possible. Learn all the details concerning the book club fraud on this page.

Final Ending

There are a lot of contests going on social media concerning the book club that is online. Many people are confused by the reviews since many reviewers have not received the money on time and have admitted to the fact in social platforms. Did you visit the site recently? Do you think the Onlinebookclub scam HTML1is fraudulent? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, read the steps to avoid fraud.


The news report includes all the details from the reviewers in order to understand the specifics of the Onlinebookclub scam The news article covers all the details of the Onlinebookclub Scamand inform others about it.