They like to tell the younger generation that they are our future. They are smarter than us. Moreover, most often such declarations are HR sycophancy. It is very harmful from a social point of view, and even from an economic point of view. It brings up disrespect for elders and forms neglect of elders on the part of employers. It has only recently become fashionable to say that “the average age of our employees is 30 years old”, wanting to emphasize the progressiveness of the company. And in general, the theses about the braininess of the young are controversial, because some Aristotle will be smarter than the vast majority of his contemporaries.


We used to have fun by playing cards. Today we gamble at 22Bet login. As for our younger generation. well among the audience of TikTok, the “challenge” to steal a Kia car has become very popular. Though, it turns out that there are a number of models of the brand that are easy to start with a USB cable. Therefore the “Kia Boys” movement was born. Our future and the smartest of us are stealing cars, filming them, and posting them on social media, garnering millions of views. Los Angeles authorities say the viral trend has resulted in an 85% (sic!) increase in Hyundai and Kia car thefts compared to last year. And in St. Petersburg, Florida, police said more than a third of all car thefts committed there since mid-July is related to the TikTok challenge. That is, this is not a couple of crazy videos from especially stupid pranksters. This is precisely the movement that is gathering an increasing number of imitators.

Either this is some kind of unprecedented level of social dependence when a person is ready to commit a crime for a like, or the participants of the challenge are not even aware of the existence of the criminal code. Or they are so intermarrying with gadgets that they confuse the line between virtual and real, where responsibility awaits them. By the way, there have been cases when small children, accustomed to touching the fire on the touchscreen, are not afraid to stick their hands into a real flame. And many parents still continue to admire how cleverly and how quickly their kids master modern devices. But this is not an indicator of the mind. Aristotle probably even at the peak of his educational activities, the study of the computer would have been more difficult, because in his environment there were other interfaces and habits.