This article provides an overview for those who want to learn more about Paxlovid via Paxlovid Review.

Are you familiar with the most recent Covid-19 updates? Are you aware that coronavirus symptoms can be calmed at home with a combination of two medicines? This medicine is very popular in the United States. It is also known as Paxlovid.

Paxlovid, an oral antiviral medication that is administered at home to high-risk patients to prevent them from becoming so weak they require hospitalization, can be found in residences. Is it reliable? What are the Paxlovid Reviews like? Let’s see what the patients have to say about Paxlovid.

What are the Consumer Reviews?

Paxlovid is rated normal according to official sources and websites. This medication received a 7.6 rating out of 10. It was rated by 50 users. 70% of users rated the medication as a positive experience, and 14% rated it as unfavorable.

As of right now, only 51 people have commented on this medicine set. Out of 51 buyers, fifty left reviews that were quite average and acceptable. 42% also gave the medicine 10/10 points.

Paxlovid Reviews: Is Paxlovid legit?

  • Name and Medicine-PAXLOVID
  • ManufacturedDecember 2021
  • Only for- Only the United Statesdwellers 12 years and older who have a minimum of 88 pounds to speculate.
  • FDA Comments –FDA approved this medicine back December.
  • EPIC HR Study suggested that Paxlovid reduced the risk of casualty or hospitalization by 89% in Interim Analysis Phase 2/3
  • Reviews –It has received very low ratings from buyers.


  • Oral Antiviral Medicine (in medical terminology, medicine is also known as “drug”)
  • Developer- Pfizer
  • Includes-2 medicines packs
  • MGS- 150mg+100mg
  • Time- It must be taken within five days according to Paxlovid Review of formulating the symptoms.
  • How much to take? For five days, you should take three Paxlovid tablets twice daily for three days.
  • Prescription-Only Covid-19 Test results are required.
  • Side Effects – A deficient feeling of aroma, diarrhoea and heightened blood pressure can cause side effects.

The Pros and Cons of Taking-

  • It has been recommended by many scientists and doctors and is approved by several associations.
  • The buyers have given it the highest praise.

Cons of Taking –

  • This is only suitable for United States residents.
  • Without vaccination, one cannot take this medicine.
  • According to the Paxlovid Reviews, it isn’t compatible with the most recent variants of Omicron.

This Trend is It?

People compare Paxlovid to placebo, which is also considered a medicine. Paxlovid was 89% less likely to cause death or hospitalization than placebo in COVID-19-positive high-risk adults.

In the research, there were no deaths in sufferers who had Paxlovid. This is in contrast to the 10 losses that occurred in patients who received a placebo. It’s why it’s so popular.


Many people believe that this medicine is safe to be used, as long as the majority of reviews are positive. This medicine was also approved by scientists and studies. We believe that something is better then nothing after analyzing Paxlovid Review. This medicine should be taken after consulting your doctor.

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