If you are in the field of business, the use of files in portable document format is necessary. It allows you to set up a password for any or all of your PDF files. There are many reasons as to why you would want to use this feature. For instance, you might want to have full control over who can access and alter the document. Having a password-protected file also means that people can’t easily copy or print its content.

Despite how beneficial the lock feature is, there are instances that you might want to remove it. It usually happens when the file contains only basic and general information. Besides that, you might want to unlock it because you have a hard time remembering the password. Fortunately, there is PDFBear to help you with this concern. Read the full details below on how this online platform can help you!

How to unlock a password-protected PDF file using PDFBear?

PDFBear is an online tool with a PDF unlock feature that is free and easy to use. There is no other platform that can be at par with its efficiency and accuracy. It can provide the new version of the file in the fastest possible time because of its highly innovative password-removal technology. Since you can’t remove PDF passwords by yourself, you have to know how you can utilize PDFBear to your advantage. Below explains how the unlock PDF feature works.

Step 1

Before you visit the website, make sure that your device has a stable internet connection so that it will run smoothly. Once you reach PDFBear, find the PDF security category. You have two options, namely, protect PDF or Unlock PDF. Click the latter since your purpose is to get rid of its password. 

Step 2

After you click the unlock PDF button, the website will redirect you to the said tool. Anyone who wants to use it will need to make their files available on the server by clicking the select files button at the center of the screen. If you are using your laptop or computer, it is best to drag the file and drop the password-protected file into the toolbox. It is more convenient than browsing from a long list of documents. 

Step 3

Upon uploading the document, you will have to input its current password. It is to make sure that you are the owner of the document. The website would want to avoid permitting unauthorized persons from deleting the password of the PDF. Proceed with the process after you enter the associated password.

Step 4

The tool will start decrypting the file. The process will only take a few minutes depending on the stability of your internet and the size of the document. Download the unlocked PDF file as soon as it becomes available.

Why choose PDFBear to unlock your PDF files?

You might wonder why PDFBear is the best tool to use when unlocking PDFs despite your wide range of options. See the reasons below to know why aside from the fact that it provides the fastest way of removing the password.

Universally accessible to anyone 

This website is highly accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. Your mobile phone is enough to access the website, unlike other online tools that require the use of laptops or computers. There is no need to install any software or download third-party applications before you can use its unlock PDF feature. The reason behind this is that all of its operations happen in the Cloud. When it comes to operating systems, they can function well in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, you can utilize any portal that you feel the most comfortable. Some of your options are Chrome, Google, Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. 

Allows you to enjoy over 20 tools

If you are not yet aware, PDFBear offers over 20 tools free of charge to enhance your productivity and efficiency. There are six major categories, namely Convert and Compress, Split and Merge, View and Edit, convert from PDF, convert to PDF, and Sign and security. You don’t have to sign up for any subscription plan just to use any of its features. Who wouldn’t want to access a highly functional tool without paying any amount of money, right?

Guarantees the safety of all uploaded files

One of your fears in using online tools is the possibility that your files will become accessible to unauthorized persons. For sure, you don’t want your files with confidential and sensitive information to be at risk. Since the website understands this growing concern, it made a way to guarantee the safety of all files on its server. After an hour of uploading the document, the online platform will permanently delete it to ensure that other people can’t locate and retrieve it without your permission. 

In A Nutshell

With the use of PDFBear’s unlock PDF feature, you no longer have to feel dreaded in handling password-protected files. It has the power to remove its encryption anytime you want and anywhere you are. To accomplish your tasks faster, visit its website now!