While sitting on your sofa to relax & enjoying your snack, your cat will coil around your leg, begging you for a tidbit of your snack with its sweat meows! Although you will share, do you know if they are suitable for your car or not? 

Human food can be safe for cats & some groceries are good for them. Here are some harmless staples you can share with your pet that you can get easily while being at your house through the NowNow coupon code.

  • Share Some Of Your Food

Your cat diet should be all nutritionally cat food, but you can give them a treat from your plate every now & then and occasionally. All you have to do is choose the snacks you can give them & they need; for instance, when you give them fish, make sure it is not raw!

  • Meat

The cats are meat eaters! They must have protein from the meat to get a strong heart, healthy reproductive system & good vision. Chicken, cooked beef, turkey & small amounts of the lean deli are all great food to give to your cat. But if you give your cat a spoiled or raw cat, this might make him get sick! What you will not eat, do not give to your cat1

  • Fish

The fish have lots of Omega-3 that help your cat to stay sharp & help with all kidney diseases, arthritis, & heart disorder. Cooked or canned fish is fine as a treat, but do not share your sushi with raw fish, as it is not a good idea!

  • Whole Grains

Oats have lots of protein & they are easy to make for your cat! Most cats like corn and polenta as they have a good texture. You can feed them wheat berries, brown rice, & barley, but you have to mash them first! Cats like small grains like couscous & millet. Make sure to digest any grains you cook for your cat fully!

  • Eggs-

Eggs are another important source of protein that is essential for your cat. Ensure you cook them well, as raw fish, meat & eggs can harm your cat very badly!

  • Veggies-

Not all cats love vegetables & few of them love fruits as well. However, they are rich sources of vitamins as they are loaded with water & fiber to help them with digestion. You can try cantaloupe or cucumber, asparagus, or steamed broccoli. You might slip them in the veggie burger but be careful that the patty does not include garlic or onion.

  • Cheese-

Cheese is a high-protein food that is completely fine for your cat but in small amounts. The protein in cheese is less “complete” than that in fish, meat & eggs. However, many cats’ tummies cannot handle dairy, so you should skip the saucer of milk.

  • Berries-

Blueberries & strawberries are good fruits for your cat as they are low in sugar & high in antioxidants. However, you should not share it in a pie!

  • Carrots

Unlike humans, cats do not have to include veggies in their diet. They can be healthy treats for them! You can include cooked carrots in your cat’s diet but avoid the raw ones, as they might be choking hazards.

  • Melon-

Many cats enjoy eating small pieces of cantaloupe, seedless or honeydew watermelon. Watermelon contains Vitamins C & A, which are beneficial for your cat!

  • Spinach-

If you ever see your cat nibble the grass, you will know that they like green leaves. Spinach is full of vitamins but should not be given to cats with urinary or kidney issues.

Food That Cats Should Not Eat!

Make sure that you do not share these foods with your cat, as they are toxic for them, which are:

  1. Grapes & raisins.
  2. Chocolate.
  3. Garlic & onions. 
  4. Alcohol.
  5. Macadamia nuts.
  6. Bread dough.
  7. Artificial sweeteners are found in gums & candy.

Keep this food away from your cat in a place where they cannot get to it!

All Calories Be counted!

Cats should only get “extra” every now & then! The cat meals should be quality cat food. If you give them food meant to be people’s, you should talk to your vet about what & how often you should add to their food! Overfeeding the cat can lead to being overweight your cat & causing serious health issues!

Of course, all this food should be given to your cat as occasional treats along with a balanced diet of cat food. Talk to your vet about the best food you can get for your cat daily, or if you know what you need, you can surf the internet & shop for all that you need from the comfort of your house with the help of the NowNow coupon code & Noon UAE promo code, where you will find all your cat food available.