What are the Major & Minor Improvements?

Path of Exile gamers are familiar with the many bugs and issues plaguing the game. Some of these bugs have been around for many years. These bugs can make farming frustrating . The new patch brings many hotfixes to the game that improve several aspects of the game’s quality-of-life. These are the major and minor updates to Patch 3.18.1.

  • Traveling Abilities increase when used in Echoing Shrine, which is obtained by defeating enemies. Repeating the casting-like motion, Dash, Flame Dash. Shield Storm can also be used multiple times, but only the most potent area attack will be launched each time. After being cast, Leap Slam’s static strikes are now repeated in the same place.
  • Gamers are no longer subject to Chaos loss based on 10% maximum HP damage or energy barrier after using a movement skill under the effects of Thorned Vines for creatures with Entangler modifications.
  • Fire Volatiles are only produced when a player is within 70 yards of a monster that has the Magma Barrier modifications.
  • Trickster Creatures can no longer be used to trap creatures within Essence Monoliths.
  • Rare Monsters Packs with Heralding Minions can now only spawn 5 Totems
  • The damage to Molten Minotaur’s enraged slam attacks has been reduced by 25%
  • Guards cannot empower Time-frozen Division creatures.
  • Now visible are the Essence Creatures, which are trapped in Essence Monoliths and Modals.
  • Summon Gateways will appear next to the Map Device items when you open the map using the big Map Equipment.
  • Wrath of Cosmos’ debuff graphic will display the level of each player nearby.
  • The Guild Hideout furniture list now includes the Sentinel Vault.
  • The gamepad input keybind can now be used to transfer the Favorite Map from one slot to another.
  • It is now clear that the specifications of many Atlas Passive Skills, Sextant and Eldritch Altar only impact the final boss in the area if there are multiple bosses.
  • Unique Gems with Difficult Escape that were acquired before 3.18.0b now feature Acrobatics instead of Phase Stunts.
  • The Purposeful Harbinger Group Diamond Unique makes it clear now that the Auras affect the talents of players, not their abilities.


  • An issue that allowed players with 100% Delirium Maps to complete any level of the competition with more than three moderators, rather than 100% Loopy Tier 16 levels with at least four modifications, has been fixed.
  • An error in the Restricted Flame or Banned Flesh Jewels allowed Energy Screen Leech to be possibly cleaned when Energy Shield was maxed and assigned to Soul Drinker Ascendancy Idle Skill, has been fixed.
  • An issue that caused creatures with Life Renewal and their HP to exceed its limit while standing on Consecrated Land had been fixed.
  • The problem that Sentinels boost animals made it harder for them to gain Defenses from reinforcing hits was solved.
  • The Called Holy Relic was a flaw that disappeared when the skill gem levelled up or access to new areas was corrected.
  • This has been resolved a problem in which creatures, especially Breach Monsters could spawn with multiple instances of the same Monster mod graphic.
  • The visual flailing bug that The Unbreakable’s Electromagnetic Talent talent caused by the Visual Bug has been corrected.
  • Strings were unable to function correctly when used with magic items that have extra elemental damage multipliers. This flaw was fixed.
  • A problem in which Atziri’s Apparition does not use any skills during Vaal Ritual encounters was resolved.
  • An issue that had prevented some Alternate Art Uniques displaying their 3D art was fixed.
  • Fixed a problem in which Supporting Gems from The Knight could appear in screenshots
  • This flaw meant that Bounty Victims of Smuggling Networks Atlas Passive Skill would still show their symbol on the minimap after they died.
  • Heist Locker, which prevented screening from working properly, has been fixed.
  • This long-standing problem that caused symbols for Gem level-ups randomly to reorder after being selected has been solved.
  • Fixed a problem in which the Settings menu would sometimes linger open after pressing “O”.
  • Gamepad input mode was unable to properly process Guild Stashes items, ignoring Affinities. This error has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from interfacing with the Stellar Core in Polaric Hideout using the Controller input option
  • An issue that prevented the cosmetic Minotaur Weapon Effect from working as it was intended has been fixed
  • A visual problem caused by the Darkprism Shield microtransaction’s rotational motion was corrected.
  • The Wrangler Hat snagging issue has been solved.
  • Hotfixes were given to three reasons for client failure.

Notable Quality of Life Improvements

These changes may seem small to some players but Path of Exile gamers know how they can make the game more enjoyable.