Are you a fitness enthusiast? Are you a fan of protein shakes? Premier Protein shakes are worth looking into if you answered yes. This protein shake has recently been affected by a problem. We ask you to read the entire article if you have taken this protein shake. This protein shake should be avoided by users who are from the United States or Canada. Want to learn more? Continue reading the Premier protein shakes 2022 article.

Why not Premier Protein Shake?

The FDA of the United States recalled more than 50 protein and nutritional shakes and removed them from store shelves. The FDA stated that the protein shakes contained microbial contamination. The Premier Protein shake, along with other products, was removed from store shelves.

These products were removed from stores: Glucerna and Premier Protein, Aloha, Oatly, and Aloha. Premier Protein drinkers might feel upset after learning about the Premier Protein recall. You will be relieved to hear this important piece of information. Want to find out what it is?

Lyons Magnus LLC, the manufacturer of these products, stated in a conference that they had found Cronobacter Sakazakii, a potentially harmful bacteria, in the shakes. This bacteria can cause infections in the urinary tract, as well as other symptoms. The FDA states that Lyons Magnus products for children are not affected by this recall. Continue reading to find out which Premier Protein products are affected by this recall.

Recalled Prime Protein Shakes 2022 :

Information about the ProductUPC CartonUPC Case (if sold in cases)Lot CodeBest by Date
Vanilla- 4ct (330ml)6438437145076438437147364902-2094BT8902-2098BT6902-2096BT5902-2095BT7902-2097BT6-2-20236-3-20236-4-20236-5-20236-6-2023
Vanilla-12ct (330ml)6438437145076438437139444902-2094BT 9512-2159BT0612-2160BT8-7-20236-2-20238-6-2023
Vanilla-15ct (330ml)6438437145076438437204615902-2095BT6-3-2023
Chocolate-12ct (330ml)6438437144776438437142002412-2142BT4612-2164BT66122166BT5612-2165BT3412-2143BT7-20-20237-21-20238-11-20238-12-20238-13-2023
Vanilla-18ct (330ml)6438437153516438437186420012-2100BT1212-2121BT1012-2101BT2012-2102BT1612-2161BT2212-2122BT4012-2104BT3012-2103BT6-8-20236-9-20236-29-20238-8-20236-10-20236-30-20236-11-20236-12-2023
Cafe Latte-4ct (330ml).6438437166866438437166623212-2123BT6212-2126BT4212-2124BT7212-2127BT5212-2125BT7-1-20237-2-20237-3-20237-4-20237-5-2023
Cafe Latte-18ct/330ml6438437166556438437185678212-2128BT7-6-2023

These are the Premier protein recall2022. Other products, including the Premier Protein shake, have been distributed across the country. Lyons Magnus however assured that there was no illness reported in the recall products.

The Closing Thoughts

The FDA recommends that customers do not consume the products. Instead, they should throw or return the product to the seller for a refund. If you would like to learn more about proteins-, please click the link below. That was the end of today’s article about Premier Protein shakes 2022.