Are you facing dental problems? Do you have tooth decay? Are you experiencing inflammation in your teeth and gums? Are you interested in natural ways to improve the health of your gums and teeth, instead of resorting to painkillers or other medications to treat dental issues?

There are many supplements available online that promise better dental health, including the United KingdomUnited States and India. One such supplement is Prodentim. We will now discuss Prodentim Scam.


Prodentim is a probiotic that contains Lactobacillus Reuteri and Lactobacillus Paracasei as well as B.lactis. BLIS M-18 and BLIS K-12. Inulin and Malic Acid are also included. Probiotics, which are live microorganisms, have been known to provide health benefits. They promote good bacteria growth and combat bad bacteria.

Prodentim is a scam that was sold through the official website has a horrible trust score of 1%, a lower-than-average 42.1% rank in business and a poor 1,768,329 Alexa ranking. also scored well on the suspicion profile with a score of 32%, 42% for the Threat profile and 31% for the phishing profile. It was also able to score high on the Spam profile with 30%.

Prodentim Reviews:

  1. Prodentim reviews are mixed on over 45 websites. Some websites also include a Scam Alert.
  2. Due to the absence of reviews from customers on social media and user review sites, the product is deemed illegitimate.
  3., a website that is available for five months and fifteen days, has more than 95K 5-star reviews. These customer reviews are not reliable and unrealistic on
  4. expires after six months and fifteen calendar days.
  5. There was no customer testimonial regarding Prodentim delivery, which points out towards Prodentim Scam.
  6. YouTube has more than 60 Prodentim product reviews.
  7. It is ineffective and a scam, according to the negative reviews.
  8. A few product reviews have indicated that the product has improved dental health.
  9. Prodentim is also questionable as a 1 bottle cost $69 per bottle, while 6 bottles for a 180 day supply are $49 each with free shipping
  10. These discounts may be unrealistic and could encourage customers to purchase immediately.
  11. Prodentim is also sold online on fraudulent websites. It contains adulterated formulations and nutrients.

About Prodentim Scam :

Prodentim became available online starting 12 January 2022. Prodentim is new to the market. Many counterfeit products have appeared on different websites and in other countries. sells only original Prodentim probiotics formulas.


Prodentim probiotics are a scam. Prodentim reviews could also be included in feedback. may take longer to get better rankings and scores. YouTube reviews, scam alerts and poor Trust, Alexa and Business Ranking have all led to Prodentim being deemed illegitimate. We recommend that you wait until scores improve.