Car rental is a costly affair in Dubai. If you’re planning to drive around the city and its outskirts on your visit, you’ll need to rent a car. During peak season, prices are usually higher than average. But by planning your trip and renting a car in advance, you can save money as well as time. If you’re staying for a few days in Dubai and plan to explore the city with ease, then car rental Dubai is the best option for you. You’ll not only be able to see all the famous landmarks from an insider’s perspective but also venture out of town for sightseeing if that’s something you have planned.

Research your car

Researching your car is the first step in getting a good deal on renting a car in Dubai. You want to know what kind of vehicle you want, how much it will cost, and whether it will be worth your while.

You should also consider:

  • The safety features of the car
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Reliability ratings for that make and model of car
  • Resale value—if you plan on keeping your rental car for a longer period of time, this is important because you need to know if there’s a chance that its resale value will drop when you’re ready to sell or trade it in. If so, then perhaps another model from another company may be less expensive over time compared with those offered by rental companies like One Click Drive.

Your credit score matters

When you rent a car, your credit score is one of the most important factors in determining how much you pay for insurance. But what exactly is a good credit score?

Here’s a quick rundown:

A good credit score ranges from 720 to 850 and indicates that you are an extremely low-risk borrower. If you have one of these scores, you may qualify for better interest rates on loans and lower car insurance premiums than someone with a lower rating. A poor credit report shows that there have been some problems with repaying loans or incurring debt in the past—and it can make it more difficult to secure financing or insurance coverage. If this is your situation, don’t worry! There are several ways to improve your credit history and get back on track…

Understand the types of car insurance

There are two basic types of car insurance: all-risk (fully comprehensive) and third party. All risk is the most expensive, but it will protect you from damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another car, animal, or object. Third-party covers damage caused by collisions with other cars and animals while they are insured under their own policies. Third-party, fire, and theft also cover damage caused by fire or theft if the theft occurs while someone else has possession of the vehicle; however, this isn’t common in Dubai unless your car is being serviced somewhere else in UAE.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is an optional waiver that may be offered in addition to CDW. These cover any loss incurred as a result of theft or vandalism within a specific time period after renting the vehicle; they do not cover items stolen from inside cars while parked at home or work though!

Choose the right car for your needs

Before you start looking for the best car rental deals, think about your needs.

  • How many people do you need to transport? This is important because it will determine whether you need a small or large car. If you are a family of four, then this will be one of the main factors in considering which vehicle to choose.
  • Do you need a lot of storage space? If so, then perhaps an SUV rental would be best for your Dubai road trip. There is more than enough room for luggage and other items inside these vehicles, so there’s no need to worry about having enough space when leaving on vacation.

Avoid accident damage waiver

While you are renting a car in Dubai, it is important to ensure that you are not paying for something that you do not need. Do not pay for accident damage waiver coverage; this is already covered by most credit cards. If you have an American Express card, then you can call their concierge service and request a quote from them directly.

Consider opting for specialist insurance

While it may seem like a good idea to opt for the most basic option, this is a decision you should only make after carefully weighing up the pros and cons. If you are planning on driving in Dubai, then specialist insurance might be right for you. Specialist insurance covers drivers who have poor driving records or who fall into high-risk groups such as young drivers or those with certain medical conditions. The main benefit of specialist policies is that they are usually cheaper than standard car insurance options. They also often include additional benefits such as free breakdown assistance and legal protection which could prove helpful if any incidents arise while on holiday in Dubai.

Never book at the last minute

Booking at the last minute can be very expensive. You should always book your car rental as far in advance as possible, even if you don’t need it for months. There are three reasons for this:

  • Booking far in advance will give you access to big discounts
  • Booking online is cheaper than booking by phone or at the counter
  • You can get better deals on long term car rentals

Book online to save money

If you book online, it’s likely that you’ll get a discount on the car rental price. Some sites will let you book with your credit card or PayPal account, which means that if anything goes wrong, it’s easy to get in touch with them and fix the problem. Other sites might let you pay later on—for instance when picking up or dropping off the vehicle—but if they’re really flexible about payment methods then this may be an option worth considering as well!