This article contains factual information about Rt website Down, to inform viewers all over the country about the situation and cyberattacks.

Are you aware about the Ukraine-Russia conflict Are you aware that the Ukraine-Russia conflict has been reopened to new participants?

Anonymous cyber hacker attacks were launched across the United Kingdom, United States and other areas around the world, affecting citizens across the country.

Rt website down has been caused by cyber-hacking. This affects the government’s data and traffic through their official online portals, knocking down multiple websites.

What websites are down?

Anonymized intruders claimed that they had taken down several Russian government portals, as well as (the website of the state-controlled television network) during Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The hacking group announced recently via Twitter that they were involved in a cyber war against Russia’s government.

This is the first in what’s likely to be a wave of cyber activism against Russia’s government. A number of Anonymous accounts also pledged to launch a cyberattack against Russia earlier in the month.

Is Rt website down?

RT was considered the main propaganda outlet of Russia’s government. The DDoS attack, however, flooded the media outlet with unwelcome traffic, effectively closing it down for several hours.

Besides, Anonymous hackers claimed that they were responsible for initiating cyberattacks that brought down

Are government portals slowing down?

Anonymous has either slowed or been knocked down on several online platforms, including the Russian government, Duma and Kremlin as well as the Ministry of Defense.

Apart from the hacker community also targeted PTT-Teleport Moscow and Sovam Teleport, Relcom and Russian internet service providers Com2Com via distributed denial of services (DDoS).

Twitter has been flooded with anonymous identities using the #OpKremlin hashtags and the #OpRussia hashtags. This is similar to the #OpISIS campaign, which was launched earlier to end the internet propagandist efforts of the criminal organization.

Who are the cyberattacks against Russia?

Russia is accused by Ukraine of being behind its major cyberattack.

After Ukraine reported Russia’s cyberattacks on its government portals, some banks and information technology firms, it was triggered.

Microsoft stated in a blog post Rt website down that although it appears as if ransomware, the malware and viruses are actually designed to make targeted computers unusable rather than obtaining a ransom.

How can DDoS attacks flood websites with traffic?

Robert Potter, an Internet security specialist, says that DDoS (or distributed denial of service attack) involves many servers overloading a targeted online platform to block traffic or get through it.

It’s like five people trying to squeeze through the door simultaneously.


Modern warfare uses cyberattacks as a means of achieving its goals. They can be destructive and have the potential to bring down the industrial infrastructure and Rt website of a country.

Anonymous, a hacker group, has taken down numerous Russian government websites, including the state-run “Russia Today”.