This article discusses the recent murder of Sania Khan Photography and also describes its aftermath. To learn more, read the article.

Are you familiar with the recent shooting incident involving Sania Khan, a photographer? The husband of the photographer, Sania Khan, recently killed her. This news is being spread all over the United States, and Canada.

Raheel Ahmed is her ex-husband. According to media reports Raheel has medical issues and the couple have divorced. The incident left everyone speechless. First, we need to learn about Sania Khan Photography. Then, we must also understand the facts.

What do you know about Sania, the photographer?

Sania was an exceptionally bright student and a well-known professional photographer. As a student, Sania earned five bachelor’s degrees. Sania has worked in many different fields throughout her career. Photography was her first love. Sania chose this job and was quickly successful in her trade.

Sania, a woman aged 29 years, lived in a Chicago apartment. According to the investigating officer, Sania’s body was found when the officers opened the door. An odor of gunshot was also detected by the officer.

Sania Khan Husband

Raheel Ahmed is Sania’s husband. Raheel and Sania were separated from their marriage several years ago. Sania claimed that she was divorced because of domestic violence. Sania made it clear on social media that she was divorcing because of domestic violence. Sources also claimed that Raheel suffered from a loss of psychological balance following the divorce.

Ahmed also went to the doctor, but didn’t receive any results. Out of jealousy, he later killed his ex-wife Sania using the gun. The investigation has been started by police. According to the investigating authority, Sania was also killed by a 9mm Glock pistol. Ahmed was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Sania Khan Photographer

Numerous close friends shared their feelings with the investors that Sania was a kind, polite, and easy-going lady. After her divorce, she was very busy at work. Sania used to travel because of her job. Many of her clients still remember Sania’s commitment to the job.

These people remembered that Sania was serious about her career. Sania was a prolific photographer. Sania was primarily focused on wedding and marriage photography. Sania was active on social media. Her picture is often posted to “Instagram”. People recalled Sania Khan Chattanooga.

What is Trending in the News?

The incident was questioned by many. The country has been witness to many deadly and gunshot incidents in recent years. People use social media to ask questions and critique the current situation.


Finally, we can report that the police have begun to invest in the entire matter. Police also discovered the suicide note of Raheel Ahmad. Both bodies have been taken into medical custody. The post-mortem report on the deceased body has also been reported by police.

Many people have expressed their sympathy to Sania Khan Photography.