Do you share your Wordle scores on social networks? Wordle has been a new obsession since 2022. It can drive people insane.

Wordle is quickly becoming a popular game in the United Kingdom, India, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. It’s easy to play and has the ability to be customized for any age.

Continue scrolling through the Shite Wordle to find your answers.

What’s the solution?

The Wordle 370 of the 24th June 2022 gives a hint that the word begins with a consonant. It contains two vowels. Want more? The word begins with the letter ‘S.

Keep trying to guess. It is often associated with powerful entities. It’s also the name for a videogame. We are available to assist you if you can’t guess. Wordle 370’s 24th June answer is:


Many people mistakenly thought it was SHITE. Many people may not have heard the word SHITE and were unable to identify it.

Is Shite A Word ?

It seems like there is a word called “Shite” It is derogatory and vulgar in British English. In simpler terms, SHITE can be translated as Shit, rubbish or trash. “That’s a lot of shite,” is one example.

What does the real meaning of ‘SMITE? Smite refers to a striking force, defeat or conquer, or an attack that is severe. What does God will smite me signify? It means to strike with a heavy blow.

It is possible to get crazy guessing the answer, and call Wordle a Shite. There’s no need to panic. These tips and tricks will help you play smartly.

Tips and Tricks to Play Wordle

We recommend that you try at least one puzzle before starting to play Wordle. Why? This will leave you wondering where you went wrong. Even if it didn’t happen, it’s good to be prepared.

What are some tips to help you solve troubling puzzles? First, get rid of the most common words, such as Z, X, and so on. Next, start entering vowels early. You, O, I and e are the next most frequent vowels in Wordle.

You might have learned a few things from the Shite. Elimination works! You can narrow down the words that you want to use. Keep in mind the yellow block letters, and then proceed carefully.

Is Wordle available for free?

Wordle is a web-based gaming platform. You’ll find multiple copies of the same game if you visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. The original Wordle, which was created by Josh Wordle and is now available in a browser owned by The New York Times. Wordle is free to play and accessible from any device. Playing Wordle smartly is essential, as you will end up confusing words such as Shite Wordle.

Final Verdict

It can be concluded that is more likely than guessing the answer.

It is possible. Sometimes you will stumble across some words, and sometimes you may lose. Do not lose heart and keep trying.

Did you find all the answers in our article Shite Wordle We would love to hear from you in the comments.