This Shown Wordle article provides information about the Wordle 348 Solution as well as a description of the game’s gameplay. To read more, check below.

Do you need help with Wordle 348? Do you have difficulty solving today’s puzzles? If so, we can help you. Although the mystery may seem simple and exciting to solve, it could require some clues.

Wordle is a well-known game that’s enjoyed by everyone in the United Kingdom and Australia,New Zealand. This article will provide details on Wordle 348, Shown Wordle.

Wordle 348: How to Solve?

Each wordle player loves to find the answer to every puzzle. Today’s Puzzle 348 saw many players think and give a wrong answer as “Showd.” The correct answer is “Showy.”

Wordle 348. Hints:

  • Only 1 vowel is required to answer the question.
  • The vowel is located in the middle
  • The first four letters of the answer are commonly used.

It is possible to guess the exact solution to Wordle 368, but it is not easy. These clues aside, many people believed that the answer to Wordle 348 was ‘Showd. This is incorrect.

Explore the List of All Clues for Shown Game Wordle:

We can now list the words below based on the clues above:

Out of all the clues, the exact answer is “SHOWY”.

Wordle Game:

This game was developed by Josh Wardle. It’s a game that is based on the words of everyone around the world. This game is fun and challenging. Users are given clues and asked to find a 5-letter word based on these clues.

Each solution should be understood, just like previous answers. People guessed “SHOWD” and searched for Is Shown a Word. It is indeed a word that has the meaning of ‘to sway there and there. We will now discuss the rules of this game.


  • Visit the official Wordle link.
  • Take a look at all the clues and create a 5-letter word that covers those points.
  • The puzzle will be solved six times.
  • After you have given your hint, the color change will show if it is accurate.
  • The green color represents a correct guess. The yellow color indicates that the letter position is incorrect.
  • The Shown Wordle hint shows that the grey colour is used to indicate a wrong guess.
  • Players can socialize with their friends if they wish to share their efforts.


Today’s wordle 348 answer was easy and common. The answer is “SHOWY”. This article contains all the clues, hints and rules for today’s Wordle. You can still click this link to get more information on today’s Wordle.