Gamers enjoy playing different role-playing games. This is the reason there are so many games available on the marketplace. One of the games that is very popular and is compatible to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, etc. The game can be described as “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” It’s an entertaining and exciting game that lets players go on various adventures and learn new possibilities.

What is Skyrim Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle?

Ansilvund is an old tomb that is located in the North of the Rift. The site is an archaeological excavation which will aid players in learning the more details regarding Fjord as well as Holger. The players will find it extremely difficult to traverse the tomb because it is full of traps that could confuse them and can make it difficult to win in the game.

Ansilvund has been divided into 2 different locations and the players have to travel through them. One is Ansilvund Excavation, and the second one is Ansilvund Burial chambers. It is the ” Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle” is a challenging puzzle that isn’t too difficult to solve, however any mistake can cause danger to the player. The initial level of Ansilvund puzzle has a number of important aspects that need to be considered in order in order to complete the puzzle.Skyrim Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle

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What is the Ansilvund Excavating puzzle?

The walkthrough in Ansilvund will require you through various things. It is crucial to remain alert since there are MagesDragonborns and a variety of other creatures that are able to block your access to the path. The players must traverse various sections before they can reach the final chamber, which is the center of a puzzle.

The room is comprised of books and pillars along with a lever, as well as an iron portcullis that can help players with the puzzle. The player must find the key that is beneath the pillars. The ground beneath the pillars is covered in vegetation and obstructions like weeds. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of all obstructions and align the key in order to move up to the level below.

How can I solve the problem?

There’s a table beneath the puzzle that contains 3 random book. These are Lu’ah’s journals as well as the duplicate from Fjori along with Holger. You will find clues to solving the puzzle inside these books, and therefore should be alert. The most important symbols are located on the walls below the pillars. One can spot them once they have cleared the obstacles.

The solution to clear the Ansilvund excavation puzzle is “Eagle-Snake-Whale-Snake.” Players are required to activate the pillars so that they can rearrange the keys n correct order and, lastly, pull the lever to open the door of the bridge. If the sequence of keys is incorrect the arrows’ hail will be fired at the players. Make sure you make sure you enter the correct sequence in the sequence of keys.


  1. What do the 3 symbols that are below those pillars?

The three symbols that are below the foundations include Eagle, Snake, and Whale. Players are required to arrange them in the order of Eagle-Snake-Whale-Snake. Anyone who enters the correct information can pass the test and move on to the next level.

  1. What happens after completing the Ansilvund Excavation puzzle?

The players who can complete the puzzle correctly will discover the bridge to take them to Ansilvund Burial chambers. The bridge also comes with hazards, such as flame spurt, therefore, players should be careful.

Therefore, trying to make it through this level of excavation is required to move through various levels. The puzzles are straightforward to complete if the input is right; otherwise, you could lose their life. While you work on the puzzle, be sure to check the symbols that are hidden beneath the weeds and other obstacles. The arrangement of the puzzle pillars correctly can help you get through the next stage.