There are many benefits that science has related to the consumption of soy, for this reason it is that this is one of the foods that has gained the most popularity in recent years, especially in vegetarian or vegan gastronomy

The soy is one of the many legumes that exist, which by the way belong to the distinguished team of superfoods, which have properties that have been shown to be very beneficial for health, since they have different effects positive effects on the body, such as caring for cardiovascular health and protection of the heart.

Why is soy good for the heart?

An investigation based on the data collected in different clinical trials carried out in the last 10 years has confirmed that the protein present in the soy helps lower cholesterol levelsl, and as a consequence helps maintain a healthy heart.

The study was developed by members of the University of Toronto, Canada and later published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, thus questioning the decision made by the FDA (American Medicines Agency) in the that the declaration of healthy properties of soybeans was revoked.

The scientists of the test observed that soy contributes to the reduction of cholesterol levels both at a general level, and in the levels of low intensity lipoproteins (LDL), or also known as bad cholesterol, which affects the heart . Colesterol LDLColesterol LDL

LDL cholesterol

This is a constant effect in the trials that the FDA counted in the year 2017, when the proposal to remove the soy health claim was made, the researchers said.

Although it is also important to point out that the researchers clarified that the reduction in cholesterol was less than 5%, however this is a significant decrease if soy is combined with other types of plant foods in the same meal plan, which would produce a stronger effect.

Other benefits of soybeans

In addition to being a food that can contribute to heart health and with the general good functioning of the cardiovascular system, soy has also been related to skin care, cancer prevention, diabetes control, fight against overweight and for preventing some common symptoms of menopause.

How is soy consumed?

One of the benefits of soy, in addition to its properties, is its versatility in gastronomy, in fact there are different types of by-products made from this legume.

The original form of soybeans is in grain, with which boils, stews, soups and endless other recipes can be prepared, although for a greater range of action in the kitchen there are other types of products from this superfood, such as the famous soy sauce, soy milk, soy cheese or tofu, soy flour, soy oil, among others.