Check out the features and the workings of a brand new site Stalkerinta Com which offers sponsored links in the fields of agriculture and anti-aging.

Do you is a brand new search engine? Contrary to other search engines it doesn’t provide users an option to input search terms. Instead, it directs users to click hyperlinks to results from searches. This is due to the fact that operates on the principle of advertising.

One of the benefits of is that it displays ads for products and services that are close to your place of residence. The majority of Brazil Internet users are keen to learn what they can about Stalkerinta Com..


The companies that offer the sponsorship for are those whose hyperlinks are displayed on the site. There are three categories of advertisers have shown their products. The first is from websites that sell sprinkler systems. The second group of advertisers are related to agriculture-related products and products as well as the third group of advertisers is related to anti-aging and anti-aging products. research finds that it hosts around 61 links to various websites. It may take some time to allow to get more sponsors and to list various categories on its website. The can’t be accessed in the event that ad-blockers are enabled in your system. Naturally, gets revenue from clicks for sponsored links.

The main drawback of is that there is no information about its objectives as well as policies and contact information. is a small site because its users are only able to browse through the pages of the site.

Although isn’t blacklisted however, it should be noted that it utilizes an unsecure HTTP protocol. With an HTTP connection, information that you input on the internet is accessible to anyone using various methods. Check out more information below.

Features of Stalkerinta Com : was registered with LLC on 22nd March 2022 at 16:39:33. This domain name was registered a year only , until the 22nd March 2023. The domain had a very short lifespan. In light of the new launch was given a zero popularity rank on Alexa.’s owner has utilized services from to conceal their identity and phone numbers. The customer support phone number and email address was provided on Even the integrated messaging window was offered by Numerous other factors contributed to earning the site an suspicion score of 23/100.

Furthermore further, Stalkerinta Com’s Country of Origin for is also restricted. But,’s server address for was found within the U.S., which is managed by the Fastly organization which is based in San Francisco. is registered and has a legitimate SSL certificate that was issued by Let’s Encrypt . It uses the RSA-SHA256 Algorithm. However the SSL certificate expires at the 1st of April in 2022.

Conclusion: could be a fraud. is a website that tries to divert potential buyers of sprinklers agricultural equipment , and anti-aging products on specific sites. The legitimacy and the popularity of these sponsored sites require additional research by Internet users. At present, has a terrible TrustRank and Alexa ratings. We don’t recommend Stalkerinta Com since customer reviews regarding the website aren’t available.

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