What will you do if you receive a surprise package? Have you heard of Surprise.com before? This post will tell you. Worldwide hates surprises. Surprise.com allows you to earn a surprise package by answering questions. Subscribing to this website costs $39.99.

To verify the legitimacy of this website, read the Surprise.com review before you make any payments.

Website reviews at Surprise.com

There were many comments and reviews about Surprise.com that we found on various platforms. One customer claimed that Surprise.com charged him $99.99 per month without his consent. They didn’t refund his complaint.

Most comments indicate that this website is fraudulent and will charge money from your bank without you being aware. Look at customer reviews to see that this scam website is not worth your time.

Is Surprise.com Legit?

Surprise.com offers customers a monthly subscription plan where they can take quizzes and win surprise packages. According to the user’s selection, the website will provide brand items. You won’t believe what you find in the parcel, as they don’t reveal its contents.

Specifications for the website

  • Registrar The website was registered through GoDaddy.com LLC.
  • Website Registration The website was registered on the 20th of April 1999.
  • Website expiry The website will expire on the 19th of April 2023.
  • Trust Index The website scored 86% in this trust index.
  • Data security:Valid SSL secure connection.

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Surprise.com review

Before trusting a website’s authenticity, it is important to verify its authenticity. Surprise.com is one website that you will be excited to give it a try and see if you are successful. Check out the reviews of customers before you subscribe to Surprise.com.

Fake reviews were also included on the website to convince you to fall for it. One review claims that the user paid $39.99 to receive an iPad. The website allows users to connect via HTTPS for data security. However, this doesn’t answer Is Surprise.com legitHow to Avoid PayPal Scams – This link

Final Verdict

Surprise.com promises to deliver surprise boxes right to your door. You can purchase expensive, branded items starting at $39.99. We also have all the reviews and information about Surprise.com to help you determine its authenticity. According to our research, Surprise.com is fraudulent and not trustworthy. Don’t fall for it.

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