Technoblade is a Youtube content creator who has been a big name. You can read the entire article to learn more about him.

Technoblade (a.k.a Alexander) is a well-known Youtuber from the United States. His videos are viewed millions of times and his earnings are highly desirable. What happened to him? What is the reason he suddenly becomes a trending topic in the news? This article will provide the answers. Also, we will discuss Technoblade net worth 2022 .

Technoblade Net Worth In 2022

Technoblade’s earnings or the number of subscribers to his Youtube channel are the most frequently asked questions on the internet. This Youtuber has a net worth of 4 million USD. His subscribers number 12 million.

Technoblade is well-known for his videos on Minecraft. He was also known for participating in Dream SMP. His game channel is ranked number 133 worldwide. He also ranked 464 on the United States general section. He is now deceased. Below are the details.

Technoblade Net Worth 2022 and The Sources of Income

He earned an average of 54k USD to 72k US each month. His annual income is 648k USD to 772k USD. Participation in a Minecraft competition earned him a substantial amount of money.

This amount is 120k USD. Mr. Technoblade hosted a Minecraft contest. Mr. Technoblade was awarded 100k USD in a Minecraft competition hosted by Mr. He also participated in the contest held Monday by YouTuber Keemstar, earning money of 20k USD according to Technoblade net worth 2022.

Learn the Story of Your Life

Technoblade was discovered by Technoblade’s researchers as a young man who was born in San Francisco, California, on June 1, 1999. He attended school in California, and then went on to Chicago college.

His Career

Technoblade’s YouTube channel was launched in 2013 YouTube videos are mainly focused on Minecraft. He also started a new channel in 2012 The channel’s name is Twitch Channel.

Although he didn’t continue his channel, it still has 181k subscribers. His popularity grew by winning every Monday competition.

Why Technoblade net Worth 2022 In News

Technoblade was diagnosed with cancer in 2021. Technoblade was first diagnosed with Sarcoma when he felt severe pain in his right arm and noticed a lump on his shoulder. His disease was not treated with radiation or chemotherapy.

In 2021, he also had an operation. He was not able to withstand any treatment. On June 30, the sad news was that he had died. Technoblade’s story has been a viral sensation on the internet since then.


This article will discuss Technoblade Net worth 2022 and other important information about Technoblade. He gave 11.6k USD to Miracle Foundation, and he had given his money often for donations.

Hearing the news about this young man , who is only 23 years old, makes people very sad. All details are based solely on internet research.