The uric acid is a substance that is generated inside the organism itself as a consequence of the decomposition process of purines. But in addition, this type of acid can also be increased by the intake of certain foods rich in purines.

The main problem of having high levels of uric acid in the body is the development of a disease known as gout, which is characterized by the accumulation of purine crystals in the joints and the big toe.

The main symptoms of gout are swelling and intense pain in the area. In addition, having uric acid levels above a level considered normal constitutes a cardiovascular risk in itself.

Thus, people with a high risk of gout or who have hyperuricemia (excessive uric acid levels in the blood) should follow a suitable treatment that allows a solution to this health situation.

In this regard, the main treatment to reduce the levels of uric acid consists of following a specific healthy diet in which foods and beverages rich in purines are eliminated or limited; In addition to taking certain medications indicated by a medical specialist.

Consequences of gout and high uric acid

In most cases, gout is a disease that can be reversed with appropriate and timely treatment. However, when excess uric acid levels are prolonged over time, new health conditions may arise as a result.

Ácido úrico Uric acid

One of the main consequences of gout and high uric acid are tophi. These tophi are a kind of nodules of urate crystals that reach a significant hardness under the skin.

This type of nodule is usually generated in the joints, cartilage, fingers, hands, ankles and feet. Normally they do not cause pain, although they can cause damage to the bones, cartilage or joints if the appropriate treatment is not established.

On the other hand, from the 'American Kidney Found' point out that chronic gout can cause constant inflammation in the joints, which can frequently cause deformity, stiffness and joint injuries.

Kidney problems and effects on mood

In another order of things, people with gout and high uric acid have a higher risk of developing kidney stones, since urate crystals can accumulate in the urinary.

In this sense, kidney stones can lead to different types of kidney damage and generate some type of disease as a consequence. Therefore, it is essential to establish a treatment to alleviate gout as soon as possible.

Finally, the professionals of the 'American Kidney Found' assert that gout can cause constant chronic pain. Thus, in severe cases, this disease can affect the ability to work, walk or perform daily tasks of life.

In this way, this type of damage can end up affecting the patient emotionally, so it is important to follow the habits recommended by a medical specialist.

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