A survey carried out by the Spanish Heart Foundation offers a problem regarding cholesterol control in the Spanish population

Controlling cholesterol levels is a fundamental aspect in people's lives, since an excess of this substance in the blood can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease; especially in people older than 40 years.

Despite the importance of controlling cholesterol , a survey conducted by the Spanish Heart Foundation ( FEC) has set off alarms in this regard. According to this survey, 7 out of every 10 have not been reviewed cholesterol during the pandemic.

Users who have participated in this FEC survey claim that no review has been carried out regarding the levels of cholesterol for fear of a possible contagion or directly due to the lack of medical availability.

This is a 'dangerous' fact, since hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol) does not manifest itself through symptoms, for what is necessary to go to a medical check-up on a regular basis, especially after a certain age.

Lack of review on cholesterol in Spain

In this line, from the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) and the Spanish Heart Foundation ( FEC ) influence that the Christmas holidays are a time of year in which excess fatty foods and increased consumption of alcoholic beverages can affect a rise in cholesterol.


However, 7 of each 10 ensures that a blood test has not been carried out to measure the levels of cholesterol throughout the pandemic, with the risks that this entails.

Regarding this problem, the spokesman for the FEC, Leopoldo Pérez, explains that «after a time of year where we have relaxed the care of high cholesterol, we must return to reality and take into account our cardiovascular health, keeping this important risk factor under control is a priority. Our first recommendation is to detect the disease in order to improve the management of hypercholesterolemia ».

Hypercholesterolemia after Christmas

A study published in the prestigious journal ' Atherosclerosis 'states that the levels of cholesterol in the blood can increase up to 15% in those people who have overindulged and consumed alcoholic beverages during Christmas.

According to the FEC this is a highly worrisome data, especially considering that practically the 50% of the adult population in Spain has hypercholesterolemia.

Due to this situation, both the FEC and the SEC focus on the importance of developing a lifestyle and good healthy living habits. Thus, they recommend following a Mediterranean diet, which helps to incorporate at least five servings of fruits, vegetables and vegetables.

In the same way, the Spanish Heart Foundation advises eating three servings of legumes a week to reduce the levels of cholesterol and prevent hypercholesterolemia. It is also beneficial that in the diet we incorporate extra virgin olive oil and nuts.

In short, it is essential to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, in addition to carrying out periodic reviews to control cholesterol levels.