You must be a fan of ceramic tiles for your home. But, ever wondered how a tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh makes ceramic tiles? If this question pops into your mind, this article has the complete answer.

Let’s learn about the step-by-step process of making ceramic tiles in Bangladesh.

Step-by-step process of making ceramic tiles in Bangladesh

To make tiles, it has to go through several steps. Below is an overview of manufacturing tile, from the raw materials to final products.

Step 1: Collection of raw materials

The primary element of making ceramic tiles is clay. Most importantly, the clay’s color determines the tile’s color. 

Besides clay, other ingredients, such as sand, talc, calcite, dolomite, feldspar, etc., are required. After collecting, these raw materials need to be refined first. Once all the elements reach the plant, they are separated and stored in their respective places.

Step 2: Mixing and Forming

It is the second stage of making the ceramic tiles. The manufacturer now mixes all the materials in accurate proportions. After the mixing is complete, the next process begins. 

Now, the conveyor dumps the mixed materials into the storage tank. Then the mixture is put into a series of mixing tanks. Ceramic pallets and water are added in the process. The name of the liquid material out in the whole process is slurry.

The slurry then stays in large tanks as temporary storage and later is put into an atomizer. The nozzle of the atomized sprays the slurry at its middle part. 

Next, a hot air current turns the slurry into airborne. Then the slurry becomes an atomized powder with a quick-drying process.

Now the atomized powder is measured and released in specific quantities into a tray. The process makes the powder into a mold in an even amount. Thus, the powder now turns into a solid mass by the 300-400kg/cm2 force of a large hydraulic pressure with the help of residual moisture.

The remaining moisture is removed by further drying up. The process ensures that the product quality is consistent with no defects.

Step 3: Glazing

Glazing is basically like applying a glass-like touch on the surface. It is done in many methods- spray, dry glazing, waterfall, screening, etc.

Screening and glazing ensure the product’s artistic traits and quality. This step is essential for the maintenance of hygiene in production. Here, the manufacturer applies color and design using roller screens. By adding an extra roller screen, greater design is possible.

The manufacturer accepts the final formulation after several tests. The quality needs verification and is followed by the color definition and design. 

Step 5: Firing

The manufacturer put the tiles in a kiln to get fired after the appliance of glaze. Tile manufacturers such as DBL ceramics use one of the most efficient ones: Roller Hearth Kiln.

It’s heat efficient and has uniformity of temperature besides cleanliness. The highest temperature in this kiln can reach 1190 degrees Celsius. This step also removes the residual moisture from the ceramic.

Step 5: Quality Check

The manufacturing process isn’t complete unless the quality is ensured. Several inspections take place to detect imperfections, color, and shapes. The tiles are then sorted and, at last, labeled according to the quality, caliber, and shade. Finally, the packages are ready for dispatch.

Most common types of ceramic tiles in Bangladesh

There are diversities in types of ceramic tiles. Among many here are the three most popular types below:

Glazed ceramic tiles

This type of tile has a protective finish that looks predominantly matte and glossy. Tiles with matte finishes are suitable for most appliances. On the other hand, glossy finishes are perfect for wall installations for a polished look.

Wall tiles

Wall types are recommended for backsplashes, showers, and accent walls. Also suitable for floors.

Floor tiles

These durable tiles are mainly for installation on the floors. Interestingly, the 

You’ll find more types of tiles, and no doubt, each one has different features and characteristics.

Last words

The diversity and beauty of ceramic tiles make them the most popular choice for any construction. Hopefully, knowing the process of making ceramic tiles will help you match your demand and search for ceramic tiles.

However, the best way would be to visit the nearby showrooms first and check the latest designs. Also, you can visit the websites of top ceramic manufacturing companies in Bangladesh.