The sport has many benefits for the health , but it also has some advantage that you did not expect as with the mushrooms , where those who exercise are more likely to be able to catch them more easily.

Because it is not the first time that you have gone out to run, walk or practice your favorite sport and when you return home, you have come across those unexpected friends called mushrooms.

As everything has its explanation, it should be noted that fungi are originated by dermatophytes , which are spreading little by little through the skin and are easily reproduced and continue being part of your life.

How do you catch mushrooms?

It happens that fungi can appear on our feet in two ways , regardless of whether we do sports or not. So take note and try to avoid them at all costs:

  • By contagion due to some type of contact with someone who had it or another situation.
  • Because they were already in our skin previously, without having come into contact with other people who had it or some kind of substance or material that infects us.

To avoid all this type of contagion, it is essential to dry our feet when we moisten them well from the shower or from any type of sport that we do, and we reduce to the limit the Contacts between other people who have also sweated.

It is no longer just a question of hygiene, it is also sometimes a health situation , where we must preserve our integrity and take care of ourselves.

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