In this blog, we have talked about The Bryce Hall Roast and Why Jeff Wittek isn’t Jeff Wittek not in the Bryce Hall Roast. Bryce Hall Jason Nash.

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This Roast of Bryce Hall Youtube video was initially planned to feature Jeff Wittek among other roasters but it was removed out of the show. In the absence of Wittek caused fans from America United States curious. In this article we’ll discuss the reasons Jeff Wittek is not in The Roast of Bryce Hall Jason Nash.

Who is Jason Nash?

Jason Nash is a comedian actor, performer as well as a writer and YouTube famous who hails from The United States. He is best famous for his appearance on the season 2010 of the famous American reality show on television called Last Comic Standing. Jason Nash is Married & FML are two movies in which Nash directed, wrote and starred.

As a member the group known as The Vlog Squad, he started appearing on David Dobrik’s Youtube Vlogs in the year 2016 and later established the channel of his own on YouTube. The channel he is using for his primary YouTube channel has more than 3 million users.

Before we get to know more about the reason the reason why YouTuber and comedian Jeff Wittek is not in The Roast of Bryce Hall Jason Nash We should discover the details concerning Jeff Wittek.

Who is Jeff Wittek?

Jeffrey Wittek is a comedian and YouTuber, entertainer and podcaster from US. Jeffrey is well-known as a top-of-the-line hairdresser and barber. He has collaborated with stars like Big Sean & DJ Pauly D.

He gained acclaim in 2016 when he appeared in a video comedy of Anwar Jibawi, dubbed Crazy-Drug-Lord. He also has an official YouTube account with an audience of over 3 million viewers.

We should also be aware of the roast video prior to knowing about the reason behind Wittek’s absence from the film.

What is The Roast of Bryce Hall Jason Nash ?

As he rises through the influencer ranks, Bryce Hall has gained the status as one of the Internet’s bad guys. In typical Hollywood fashion, he sought the help of a handful of his coworkers to create The Roast: of Bryce Hall.

Bryce Hall was influenced by Comedy Central’s show, which has featured celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Pamela Anderson and wanted to make his own show with himself as the main target.

Adam Wassabi, Jason Nash, Jeff Wittek, Tana Mongeau, Josh Richards, and Nick Antonyan were anticipated to be among the roasters. But, Jeff Wittek was not on the show.

Why is Jeff Wittek not in The Roast of Bryce Hall Jason Nash ?

Jason Nash had disclosed that Jeff Wittek’s departure from the Roast on Bryce Hall was due to his fight against David Dobrik, which began when Wittek revealed that he was severely injured by Dobrik’s fellow Vlogger.

Jason Nash also posted a video that addressed the issue and stating that Dobrik was not the sole reason behind Wittek’s decision stop the roast and that it was more likely because the sponsors weren’t enjoying Wittek’s humor.


Jeff Wittek’s absence at the roast has revealed the rift among the Youtubers and David Dobrik. Jeff Wittek has also provided the following statement about their absence of his via Twitter.

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