Online calculators have revolutionized the industry; now, you can quickly solve complex mathematical concepts with the help of these online apps. We can now understand difficult concepts such as derivation, integration, limit, and logarithm using online tools. 

This article will discuss the ten best online calculators to try in 2022.

1: Desmos

Desmos is an advanced online scientific calculator and has a tabbed interface:

 -You can learn calculations such as radians, angles, pie values, limits, and percentages using Desmos

 -You can use the limit calculator together with Desmos to solve limit calculations thoroughly. 

 -There are different modes such as braille mode, projector mode, reverse contracts, and dark mode.

2: Web2.0calc

This online Calculator provides a collaborative interface, which works directly from the keyboard and mouse. It provides a drop-down list of the history of functions used by the user. In addition, it has a large display, a formula display, and an equation solver. Make it easy to use and work with the most interactive limit calculator to solve complex math concepts.

3: GeoGebra

GeoGebra is an open-source platform with algebra, geometry, statistics, and graphics. You can say it is a stem-based tool and find different devices according to your choice. The limit calculator is also used with GeoGebra to work out math concepts.


This platform is a great, easy-to-use, and convenient online calculator. You can set your setting and change its mode according to your needs. It has basic math calculations; you can find interest rates, mortgage payments, and utility expenses. In addition, limit Evaluator and can be used to solve complex math problems.

5: Symbolab

This online tool is specially designed to solve virtually any kind of problem. It has easy-to-use functions, and you can solve the advanced level of math problems here in this Calculator, such as integrations and derivatives. Unfortunately, Symbolab has been linked to online tools such as limit calculators and graphing tools, which are complicated for students to calculate.

6: Meta-Calculator

Meta-Calculator is a more sophisticated online scientific calculator and equation solver. It is easy to use essential functions, and you can access buttons such as Sin, Cos, Tan, and various trigonometric functions. In addition, you can find combinations and limits from the Meta-Calculator and use the limit calculator to find any limit, despite being a finite or infinite limit.

7: Online-Calculator

Online Calculator is a calculator built from the idea that everyone needs a calculator at some point. It is a fast-loading calculator with loading capabilities. Online Calculator offers you different calculators such as BMI calculator, limit estimator, weight converter, stopwatch, random name sorter, etc. Health should be our priority, and without a better metabolism, it may be too difficult to use to maintain the best quality of life.

8: Kelly Criterion Strategy: The logical-mathematical technique

Kelly’s algorithm allows you to identify the optimal amount to play based on the odds of the bet you choose and your prediction. For example, betting more would imply unnecessary risk, while betting less would result in a lower return.

The optimal bet is expressed by a percentage of the total amount you intend to allocate to sports betting.

In addition, implied probability is a concept to keep in mind regarding sports betting. If you have the listed odds, you can figure out the implied probability of an event happing. Conversely, if you find a low implied probability team, you may have a solid bet on your hands. 

9: is the Web site that hosts over 200 tools with a single interface. You can find variable interest rates, limit calculator, salary, sales tax, fitness, and health calculator. 

10: Bankrate

This is a finance-related tool used to find financial expenses and various trends. Finance-related calculations range from mortgages, loans, and retirement plans. In this era of scarce resources, you need to estimate your costs and use the limit calculator to find the limit of your expenses.

Pros of online calculators:

  1. Online calculators have made the learning process interactive and collaborative.
  2. Complex math concepts such as integrations, limits, and derivations have become easy.
  3. Online financial calculators help to manage our expenses and mortgage expenses.
  4. Online betting calculators help people not to bet too much money when it is inconvenient.
  5. Health-related online calculators have made us more in-depth about our health.

Cons of online calculators:

  1. People have become more dependent on calculators and even forget to remember tables for calculations.
  2. Everyone’s basic concepts have weakened, and they cannot do simple calculations without calculators.
  3. People’s memory level has been reduced compared to the past