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Do you want to know more about the cases of Therezinha Millet Autregesilo, a well-known actress from Brazil? Are you interested in finding out what happened to her cases, and which parties opposed the actress in various cases? Therezinha Millet is the subject of 4 cases brought by one organization.

This article will cover Therezinha Milet com as well as the cases against her. We will also provide information on the different cases involving the actress.

Who’s Therezinha Millet Austregesilo,

Therezinha Millet Autregesilo, a well-known actress from Brazil, was a poster girl who was born in Rio de Janeiro. She was born September 25, 1934 and died March 16, 2021. She is the daughter of ex-president Antonio Austregesilo Rodrigues de Lima. She graduated from the Performing Arts.

Acting in various plays between the 1950s and the 1970s was her career. After that, she decided to give up acting to care for her son.

What’s Therezinha Millet About?

Recent evidence has shown that the actress was involved in four cases. Each case was registered by different parties on different TRTs. The cases are listed on the websites of different organizations.

Sonia Oliveria Almeida was the most prominent witness in the trials. Maria Blandina Maia Rocha follows. The majority of cases are in Portuguese so it is difficult for users to understand, especially if they are from another country.

Google offers the option to translate Therezinha Milet com. Nevertheless, most websites don’t have the correct translation, so we don’t get enough information.

Who handles all indexed cases and is he/she a lawyer?

Sonia Oliveria Almeida (index), Edson Ferreira De Sousa (index) and Maria Blandina Maia Rocha (index) fill the indexed cases. Marcilene Margarete Cavalcante Marques handles all of these cases.

There have been four Hearings, in which Therezinha Milet Austregesilo participated as a defendant in each case. You can access case files by signing up for the website.

How did Therezinha Millet Austregesilo die?

Therezinha reveals the cases of the actress. Unfortunately, her death in 2021 was caused by COVID-19 in Rio De Janeiro. Rafael was her only child with autism. She left her job to care for him.

These are some of the most remarkable works by Therezinha Millet:

  • The Five Doomsdays
  • Um Bonde Chamado Desejo
  • Every Angel is Terrible
  • Soraia, Posto 2

You can also find other works by Therezinha Millet on the internet.

Wrapping it all

It is evident that the Therezinha Milet com cases are still being investigated and that there are many updates that will complete the lengthy-running cases . For more information, please visit our articles.

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