In recent years, the consumption of acidic beverages has increased among society. However, experts report that the intake of these types of drinks can be harmful to health, especially because they can cause erosion of the teeth .

Specifically, acidic beverages constitute a problem that affects tooth enamel, which is the outermost layer of the tooth and the first that protects it, as reported from the Spanish Society of Conservative and Aesthetic Dentistry (SEOC).

Erosion of the teeth can occur extrinsically or intrinsically. On the one hand, extrinsic dental erosion is that which occurs due to different types of food and the consumption of certain drugs

With regard to this type of dental erosion, from the SEOC they argue that «a patient always thinks that the worst thing for the teeth are cavities and products with sugars, but there are also drinks, such as soft drinks, that contain acid orthophosphoric and that produces a demineralization in the enamel, and therefore a result of erosion in the tooth structure “.

Thus, another type of food that causes extrinsic dental erosion are fruit juices or water with lemon, because they contain a very acidic pH.

Intrinsic tooth erosion

On the other hand, erosion of teeth can also occur intrinsically, which is that which occurs when erosion occurs by the body itself. This phenomenon occurs when gastric acids come into contact with the mouth.


In this sense, from the SEOC they confess that «in fact, dentists are the first to diagnose these pathologies many times, that they are in the background, and that patients are not aware that they suffer from them. When we check their mouths, we see this alteration in the structure of the enamel and after a series of questions we suggest that you go to your digestive specialist for pH tests, and the pathologies mentioned above come to light there ».

Possible damages of dental erosion

Tooth erosion is a dangerous process that can lead to different damages for the person's teeth. Regarding the possible damage that dental erosion can generate, the SEOC points out that «this translates into sensitivity, and even in advanced or severe cases, in having to endodontic or devitalize the teeth due to hypersensitivity that is not remitted with any type of treatment”-

To be more incisive, dental erosion is a silent and multifactorial disease. In other words, it is silent because it deteriorates the enamel slowly, so the patient is not even aware that he or she has this pathology.

Actually, the erosion of the teeth stands out when the loss of dental volume is evident and is already in a very advanced state.

Another damage that dental erosion can cause is that the teeth lose height, causing a greater risk of their fracture easily. Therefore, dental erosion can also cause a change in the aesthetics of the teeth.

In short, the SEOC recommends avoiding the consumption of soft drinks and acidic drinks to prevent the development of dental erosion. Likewise, it is also essential to attend a regular check-up with a dental specialist to detect this type of disease at the least advanced stage possible.