These are the fashionable push-ups that will help you improve your health

The health works, that's why doing sports is essential in our day to day to maintain our body and organism . And nothing better than to do it with the new push-ups that you will already want to try. Because the good thing about exercise is that even if you always train the same muscles , the infinity of activities that we can do never ends.

Although they always call them routines, in your gym and also at home you know that there is a great capacity in sport to reinvent yourself and not fall into monotony. The secret, like almost everything in life, lies in the attitude with which we face these exercises that serve just like any other to achieve our personal goal.

Whether to lose those extra calories that creep into our diet or to tone and define our muscles , take a look at these push-ups .

Working everything

Because the upper torso push-ups involve the work of almost all parts of the body. They allow you to exercise your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen.

Everything works in harmony so that you can strengthen everything you need. Do not stop doing sports because you know that a sedentary life will not help you at all.

To find out which push-ups best suit your training style , take a look at these that we propose and start practicing them today.

  • To perform them, we must stand on our back and rest our feet on the ground so that the lower part of the legs forms a right angle with the upper one.
  • We tighten the abdominal muscles , supporting the spine against the floor, lifting the head and shoulders and making sure that the chin is close of the chest. Almost a foot.
  • Afterwards, we must maintain the posture, expel the inspired air and return to the initial position, with repetitions of ten times that you can modulate yourself.
  • There is another alternative in which we can do the same exercise but with the torso stretched, with the arms behind and the hands superimposed.
  • We tighten our abs and lift our back to the right until both shoulders are off the ground. And we will change sides when we finish.

Rutina entrenamiento flexiones

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