A team of Spanish researchers develops an ideal application for people with diabetes that allows glucose levels to be controlled

The new technologies have come into our lives with the aim of improving the quality of life of people. Although, in the field of health, , thanks to new technologies, important advances have also been achieved, such as in the control of glucose levels , so necessary for people with diabetes.

In this sense, a team of young researchers in Spain has managed to develop an algorithm with the ability to control diabetes through predicting future glucose.

This is the ‘app’ called ‘Suggin’, which has the main purpose of improving the quality of life of people with diabetes. And it is that patients who live with this pathology must pay special attention to blood glucose levels.

An advance in glucose measurement with Spanish stamp

This innovative application has been developed by César de Mercado, José Carlos Montesinos, Eduardo Jorgensen and Patricia Cremades, co-founders of the company ‘Medicsen’. Although, to develop this app they have relied on the work of the rest of their team.

Aplicación Suggin de control de glucosa Suggin Glucose Monitoring App

The objective of this team of Spanish researchers is to mark a turning point in the lives of people with diabetes and the scope of blood glucose controls ; all through the 'Suggin' application.

Currently, the application 'Suggin' to predict the levels of glucose Futures in people with diabetes can now be downloaded completely free of charge through Google Play. Although, the developers of this application assure that it will soon be available in the ‘App Store’.

What does this application consist of?

Specifically, the application allows you to resolve any questions at any time, in addition to offering recommendations regarding the diet and physical exercise that each patient should perform. These recommendations and advice are based on the glucose levels that the person presents at that moment and that they will have in the near future.

This innovative application with Spanish seal connects with continuous monitors of glucose and has the ability to analyze the data together with a feeding routine and activity of the person.

Thus, through artificial intelligence, the 'Suggin' algorithm is generating memory and learning to predict glucose immediately for the patient. According to the authors of this ‘app’, in a week, this application is capable of specifying future glucose levels with almost exact precision.

Specifically, the deviation with respect to the real values ​​of glucose in the blood can be around 10 mg / dl. That is, it has sufficient guarantees to allow the patient to plan their diet and activity without significant doubts.

For its correct operation, patients with diabetes only need to download the application, connect to their glucose sensor via Bluetooth and that's it.

In short, it is an innovative application that also incorporates a statistics section that helps the patient to monitor their clinical situation; which you can share with doctors or caregivers. This application seeks to be one more step in glucose control for patients with diabetes.